Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boat fix'n

Ok...that's it....I've been a nice guy and all, but...... When a person takes advantage of another persons blog comments section and post links to ridiculous crap, something needs to be done. I don't want to disallow anyone to post comments, but I will if there are any more like the ones from yesterday's headlines....that's it. Have some respect please.

Boy howdy let me tell ya. Son Robert went this morning to pick up the pontoon boat for his daddy to fix. While I was wast'n my time for a solution to his problems, he...all by his self...not know'n what the hell he was doing, started tear'n stuff apart. By the time our professional boat motor fix'n person, old Billy Bob, appeared on the scene, it was too late. He had done broke one part and the motor wouldn't start at all. Let me see....hmmmm, it ain't get'n no gas. "Robert....the fuel lines on the fuel pump are backwards". And that broke part is what helps start the motor. Fuel lines in right place and it crank right up. Now old Billy Bob get out his screwdriver and turn stuff......opps....back'er down. Motor run'n bout the right rpm, shifts into gear without dying, but still a little rough. "Oh crap Robert, I thought you fixed that leak and why is that line too short"??? Fuel everywhere. New fuel line and a brand spank'n new "whatchamacallit" is on order. LOL....can you believe that word is in spell checker???

My old scraped up leg looks and feels so much better today....but my hip feels terrible. But then, my hip hurts like the dickens every day. Ya old fart!!!

Here what we gonna have for supper tonight.....BLT's, fried taters, refried beans and over easy eggs. Too bad we didn't have that for breakfast. Granddaughter Westley brung me a big fat scrambled egg sandwich this morning....

We think'n go'n night fish'n this weekend. If the pontoon ain't fixed, we gonna go in the bass boat. Now how we gonna get 4 adults, 3 grand kids and 4 dogs in a bass boat???? It ain't gonna happen.


  1. Glad your leg is better. A good night's fishing will make everything better, especially when them big mouth old lunker bass start chomping on anything you through at them. I always liked night bass fishing. Used surface plugs near shore and structure. One big bass caught on top fighting and jumping is better than three pulled out of a deep hole. Unless you are really hungry.

  2. Yep,fishing good for what ales you and God don't count the days you go fishing..

    Glad you put out the word to that poster on your site.. You do know you can remove those don't you?

  3. just for the record , I have only posted once as anonymous and it was along long time ago

    So, I guess what Im saying , it wasnt me so dont ban me from commenting.

  4. I would never blame one my bestest buddies from post'n a comment.....you know that already don't ya???
    I really don't care if someone posts anony, but I do wish they would respect my blog by not posting links.

    Ben, I also know how to turn the whole thing off.

  5. Dizzy, I ain't so excited bout catch'n a big'un. I just like to be there....and if I happen to catch that 12#'er, I gonna be grin from ear to ear, slap'n my leg and do'n a gig....wake up the neighbors.
    Hee hee hee, gonna catch me a big ol' fish!!!

  6. you know I only went fishin a few times in Georgia and never in Florida and Arizona. Most of it is Lake or Ocean fishin and Im a river type fly fishin guy. I guess after Alaska fishin I lost the desire.

    Its a shame, cause I used to fish quite a bit. I remember when I was in my early 20s I would go fishin every day after work for about 4 hrs. It helped that I got off work around 7 am though.