Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fish'n and stuff

Cut & paste.....
Was tuesday morning and I weren't ready to go camp'n and fish'n. My son Jesse says to me...."what the hell do you have to do other then unhook the electric cord and back up"? What I did. We was on the road head'n to the north Ga. mountains. Weren't no time at all and we were pull into the Walmart in East Ellijay where I gonna get me a fish license and some eat'em ups. Holy Crap!!!
Did you see how much they charge for a fish license??? And we only go'n fish'n for 5 days.

Then it happen. Ya see, this motorhome call "Sally da house" has one them fangled automatic park'n brake thingys what is operated by a couple hi pressure switches. Well the one what was leak'n fluid locked up the park brake at the gas sell'n place. Won't move....block'n traffic....people blow'n horns....piss me off. I had to crawl under "da house" and disconect the cable what operates the emergency brake what is under a heavy load from a big ass spring. Parts was a fly'n....but now I can move. But with no park brake and no way to stop "da house" from roll'n down the hill. Ain't the first time this happen, so don't be worried...Billy Bob know what to do. Put the leveling jacks down.

Got us a couple good camp sites right next to each other at $10 a day. Back "da house" in the hole and leveled up, put the slides out and put on a pot of coffee....Billy Bob set up. Now where the hell is my fish bag??? Bet ya a dollar it in "that jeep" what is back down the road bout 125 fifty mile. Come on Jesse, ya ain't set up yet???

With in the first couple hour, old Billy Bob work his way down to the creek and hook into one then brown trout. That was it. One brown trout....what I throwed back cause it were look'n for it's mommy.

After a couple days of chas'n grandkids out my camp, los'n fish lures, untangl'n dog ropes, old Billy Bob was get'n tired.
Then the rains came....boy howdy let me tell ya bout rain. Why me????
Boy Howdy....where all my pictures??? More to come later.


  1. Thank you sir for the update,, Hell, all that water is good for the lakes ain't it? How many fish did ya'll end of catching?
    And did you get the brake parts all gathered up and reassembled? and the leak in that line fixed? betcha gonna need that some day. Brakes are hell of lot more important that the gas pedal as you know.

    Glad you hear you had a good time untangling dogs and kids. :-)

  2. Well Ben, ya see it's like this....there ain't no lakes up there in the mountains.
    Have to order the switch from Workhorse or maybe I'll find one at Chevrolet. You right....when I pull up somewhere...it better be level or "da house" gonna roll out in the street (no parking pawn in Allison transmissions).
    Untangl'n the grandkids was no problem, but them damn dogs....let me tell ya bout knots.

  3. I used to ride my motorcycle around ellejay area all the time nice place. but you get drenched when it rains for sure. looks like you had a good time.