Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lip flapp'n

I got up this morning....."that all I have to say bout that" (Gump).

Boy howdy, grandkids kind of grow on ya....like warts. The last few day have been no exception. Let's take yesterday for an example. Right about 8:30 am....here they come. It were daughter Doris with grandkids Mack and the twins. And you know how Billy Bob is this early in the morning. After a few minutes of growls and grumps Doris and twins left.....leaving an 8 year old lip flapp'n Mack ask'n a gazillion questions. At 8:30 in the morning, I don't have all the right answers.

Robert showed up somewheres about half my second pot...that would be bout 6 normal cups (8oz or so). After an hour of jaw'n, we all decided to take a trip to Walmart. Ya see, it's like this, we go'n bass fish'n....and them trout fish'n poles too little for 15# bass. Old Billy Bob got him a brand spank'n new bass fish'n pole what remind me of a baseball bat. If'n I ever get back to the Gulf Coast, I can do me some shark fish'n with it.

Mack's lips was flap'n from the time we go in the truck till we was headed home....drove his papaw plumb nuts. Have ya ever hear one them old Sears gasoline powered wash machines??? Putt putt putt pop pop putt putt all day long. Can I buy this, can I buy that, look here papaw you need this...and on and on and on...I mean to tell ya. That boy never shut up the whole time we was gone.

Ordered parts for "da house"...should be here this morning. Golf game canceled due to the "big" twins com'n over bout noon time. Pick pick pick...that all these boys do. I think deep down they love each other, but ya would never know by the way they carry on. My God, I gonna need a break after an afternoon with these two.

Only need 2 more parts for "that jeep" before we tear it apart. Took it for a quick run yesterday...after I recharged the dead battery....now what??? Was that flash'n blue lights I see behind me? Whewwww...it were my imagination. I were do'n bout 75 in a 55. Now, where the hell is that vibration??? Why did you folks talk me into buying this jeep???

If all goes well today, the parking brake should be fixed and put back together for the trip to Roberts house in Tallapoosa. I'll enjoy the rest, but miss all the good eats I get at "Yo Mama's RV Resort". Daughter in law can't cook water....much less something to eat.

Ok....I got to get myself ready for another day of lip flapp'n and pick pick pick. Another cup of "strong" should do the trick. I am enjoying my visit though. Ya got to love grandkids!!!!


  1. Man!! It sounds like you really having too much fun!!! But I'm with you on trying to understand the "kids" language, ( do they really speak English? )

    Have fun with the big fish catching. We gonna need pictures! :-)

  2. yep pics would be nice!