Thursday, August 19, 2010

A terrible night in Texas

Ya see, it's like this......after driving 8 1/2 hours yesterday, old Billy Bob were wore slap out. I recall one time I said...."I'll never do that again".

Made me up a double meat balony and mustard samwich and a pot of steam'n hot coffee. Layed beck on the couch so's I could relax. Yeah right....the freak'n generator died. Now what??? Anyhows, it got super hot in "da house". Kind of reminded me of the time I was in Terlingua bout this time the year. That was a trip cut short due to extreme heat and me being a "sissy".

Anyhows, I didn't sleep worth a crap last night. Little sweat beads all over my body. I'm tell'n ya, it was hot. Woke up this morning....drenched in sweat. I don't sweat like that. Something ain't right. Had one them headaches what oll Fat Man talks about. Broke out the blood pressure machine and ....yep I were right...something ain't right. With my head spin'n round and round, I says...."try the generator again". That sucker crank up almost long enough for a pot of coffee, but when I turn on AC.....poooof....it died. So here I sit, half a pot of super strong coffee and it's get'n hot again.

Ok....here's the deal. I canceled my trip to Dizzy's Swamp as much as I hated to do so. I'm gonna sit right here in this Texas rest stop till I feel better and then head 'em up west. 

More news as the day progresses.


  1. Dang!!! Cold coffee and hot house.. That don't sound like the way to start the day. Will the dash AC keep you cool while you driving?

  2. Hey Billy Bob, you take it easy for awhile and stay away from that salt. Lunch meat is full of it.

    Got to be a dealer for the Genset somewheres between there and Dallas. Check the internet.

  3. I'm sad to hear about your obstacles, but I'm confident you are ornery enough to overcome them :)

    Stay cool, and well, my new friend.

  4. Boy don't you just hate it when the gen set stops going Putt-Putt-Putt.

    First thing to check is the gas tank, if it's on a 1/4 tank then it will not pick up gas to run the generator.

    Second thing is to check the oil level if it's low the generator will turn it's self off.

    Third thing is check the fuel filter.

  5. First thing I done was get pissed off. Then I went and checked if the fuel pump was run'n. Then I removed the fuel filter and blew backwards through it. Now it works.

    mc...what makes you think I might be ornery? Who ya been talk'n to? 8)

  6. I aint said a thang

  7. Well, sir, to answer your question ... how you choose to articulate yourself gives it away!

    No disrespect ... it's brilliant, and I love it :)