Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dig'n dirt and stuff

When ya read someone else's blog, ya sometimes get the feeling that your blog is missing something. Then there are others that make ya say..."what the hell"?
Was wandering through Dizzy's wanderings and I said "what the hell"? Seems me and old whiskers has some things in common. If fact, a lot. Everyone knows that we both are retired and own high dollar motor homes. We both travel the southwest and sleep out under the stars. We are both retired ya know, we can do that. We both spent some time prospecting for gold.....hmmmm, look like he found more that I did. My prospecting was in the Radmacher Hills just outside of Ridgecrest, Ca. Didn't find a damn thing. Then I tried Red Mountain, Ca. Boy howdy, there was gold just lay'n on the ground an inch deep. Never did strike it rich, but I did find me a little nugget. Did I say little? Yeah it was little.
Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....I were over in Gohler Canyon dig'n dirt and fount me a pretty good spot. Bout a grain or two an hour. Well, I put all them grains in a little bottle. When I got back to camp, I was gonna weigh my stash....where my little bottle. It were gone, lost forever. Have ya ever go back and try to find the place you was at yesterday. It ain't there no more. Every thing looks the same. Never did find that little bottle or the place I was at yesterday.

Then we both are artists. I started drawing when I was very young. First with crayons....on the walls. After that I progressed to pencils....not on the walls. Drew anything that looked interesting to me. Cartoons, cars and trucks, landscapes, trees, old houses, boats, ships, and neekit wimmins....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Then I changed to paintings. Acrylics. Must'a spent a gazillion dollars on that stuff, but gave it all up 30 years ago. Went back to pencils for a while and in another 2 years, probably back to crayons in the walls.

Just thought you should know that!!!


  1. were your paintings as good as mine?

  2. Dang, Billy Bob, you sure do light up my day with a good laugh. You missed your true calling. You should have been a writer for comedy. Keep those blogs a coming. Always interested in what you are up to.

  3. Glad to see you back among the internet world. Getting bored?

    So whens the big combined art show be between you and Dizzy Dick. This could get interesting..

  4. Hey Ben, that probably depends on whether he takes interstate 10 or interstate 20.

  5. !....what the kind of name is !??? Sheesh. You paint??? What don't you do?

    Dizzy, I try my damnest to put a little humor in everything I say. I DID write for the University of Texas monthly news letter. Adventures of Barnacle Bill.

    Yeah Ben....what ever ya say. Ain't easy ya know. LOL @art show. I don't have nary a one of my old paintings, not even a pic. Too long ago. I'll tell ya story though.
    Glad to see ya made it to Albu....Albuque.....Oh hell, New Mexico.

    With only 20 days left to get back to Dem....Demmmi....New Mexico, I may take the Missouri route. J/K, it will be I-10 or I-20.

  6. I paint as of 2 weeks ago, I can also make a funny sound with my armpit.

  7. Hey Billy Bob, do you still have that dry-washer? That is pretty dang nice looking unit you have there.

    Do you play the quitar or anything with strings?