Saturday, August 14, 2010

What to do and what to say

Let me see what I can do about updating this blog thingy. I have absolutely nothing to say and that my friends is not right for old Billy Bob. He usually has all kinds of stuff to rant on about.

OK....woke up a few mornings ago and headed off towards the coffee pot. Something didn't feel right. I look down at my feets and I want you lookie here, they are back to normal. Not them big fat things what was down there, but little skinny feets. Now, what the hell is with that? Then I got to think'n.....what caused me to get "fat feet" in the first place? It all started the day after a few hours on the boat with no socks...sunburn right through them sandals. I have zebra feet. Then I look up on google....fat feet...and they say liver, kidneys, too much beer, sit'n too much....ah ha...sit'n too much. Yep, that what I been do'n....sit'n too much. So....I went off to the golf course and played a round. Grandson made me walk too much....but, the very next day, "fat feets" was gone.

Ok, speak'n of swak'n golf balls....grandson Colby come by Wednesday morn'n and says..."ya wanna go play a round"? Well you know old Billy Bob don't turn down no golf game, so's off we went. It was hot....only one tiny cloud in the sky...it was almost lunch time. I were swak'n them golf balls good, putt'n like Tiger and wip'n sweat off'n my brow. Front nine I hit 4 pars and no double bogies.....good score for this course. Then we started on the back nine...all hell broke loose. I were swak'n balls everywhere but where they supposed to go. Ended up with 4 over handicap.....that sucked.

Only two more days to get "da house" on the road. Boy howdy Billy Bob, you got some work to do. How the hell does this place get messed up like it does. Stuff everywhere. Don't ya ever put stuff back where ya found it?

Looks like I will be traveling I-20 back to Deming. Dread this trip. If I was feel'n better, I would take a month to get back, but the way I feel, two days would be perfect. LOL...I can see it now, Billy Bob driving 900 miles a day. Still not 100% sure of the return trip, so don't no body get yer panties in a wad. If I show up at your door at midnight, open the damn door.

Ok....got things to do....maybe a golf game this afternoon.


  1. What the heck do you do with the BIG shoes you had to buy for those BIG feet now that they are small again?

    How do you decide which way to go? Do you flip a coin or something?

  2. Ha HA Dizzy, I went barefeeted most the time.

    I think time has most to do with which route I'll take. Since travel time is 9 days, that don't leave much time to look around. Thought about the coin, but all it has is heads and tails.

  3. So? your sunburned swollen feet were causing all your issues the other day? Glad you figured that out.