Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I ain't lost

Somewhere in LucyAnna. Hell, I don't know where I'm at. I was in Vicksburg, Mississippi an hour or so ago, then it rained. Now let me tell ya bout rain......It rained so hard, the window wipers was flap'n and I couldn't see 50 feets in front me. And there used to be a big 18 wheeler truck up there.  Disappeared....pooof....just like that. Weren't no place to pull off so I droped 'er down to 70.....jist smak'n at ya....it were 30. Then there was a big ole 18 wheeler truck done run slap over bout 15 of them orange and white 55 gallon safety cones and a road sign what said......lane ends. Tore up the front that truck something terrible. Backed up traffic for miles and I was slap dab in the middle of it.....for 1 1/2 hour.

If all goes as planned, I will be coming up on a rest area here in about an hour or so. That's where old Billy Bob gonna camp tonight. Maybe. You see, it's like this....some rest areas have been shut down due to the sagging economy. If the rest area is closed, my only other choice is to drive another 50 miles to Mindon, La. They have a Walmart there. And you old Billy Bob when it comes to a Walmart....gotta stop.

Dizzy....email me your phone number. I tried call Ben's number and all I got was some Mexican lady say'n...."hola, hola, hola....no speakie ingleesh". Bet ya a buck I gets a phone call from Ben an hour after I publish this. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

 News Break:
Billy Bob is in Texas. It's 7pm Texas time and I ain't gonna do it again. 8 hours behind tthe wheel is just too much for an old fart like me. Ya see, it's like this....I were go'n down the road bout 60 mile a hour and I get's to the rest area I was gonna camp for the night. Yep, this one shut down too....next rest area 40 miles. Ok, I'll camp there. This one is slap gone....concrete dug up...buildings tore down....nothing there but weeds grow'n where the road used to be. How far to Shreveport....holy cows, another hour and a half.....look'n for Walmart. I were soooo close to the border and a Texas rest area what has wifi, so this is where I are.

See ya in the morning......Dizzy, I need your phone number. Email it to me.....sheesh!!!


  1. yep, probably goona call you, but will give you time to get parked somewhere,, don't want you trying to drive, swat at Lugnut and drive all at the same time.

  2. You close Ben....I never drive with the cell phone in reach. I have to get up to answer it. Ya see, it's like this....I were driv'n down the road bout 60 mile a hour and said..."call Angela". Fumbling with the phone and trying to see them little numbers, I creeped over into the fast lane...right in front od a fast 18 wheeler what had to go to the ditch. I learnt my lesson right then and there.

    Don't no body go damn'n my Walmart. Good place to shop for all your needs, free camp'n, and some of the most courteous employees you see anywheres.

  3. Billy? You sure you wannt go fishing in that swamp and try and catch fish? No fish there,,dammed Alley gators ate em all.:-)

    Have fun.. Welcome to Texas