Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hair rasing experience

Ya see, it's like this....years ago I was in the Navy stationed on one them big ole war ships. We went to a lot of exciting places what I never expected to see in my life time. My first tour of duty was to Guantanamo during the Cuban Crisis way back in '62. I was on a brand spank'n new destroyer out of Norfolk, Va. with 300 of us sailor boys on board.

We hit a whale one time ya know. That was somewheres in the north Atlantic after we left New York City. That's the home of the "boiler maker" ya know. I mean...4 oclock in the morn'n, people are drink'n boiler makers.

Any hows....back to the Carribean Sea. We visited places like Kingston Jamaica, Ponce, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rice, the Bahamas and a bunch of other exciting ports. Yes it's true....a woman in every port. I had taken to drink'n "cheap" stuff...you know, Island homebrews. Tropical fruit flavored wines and beer what made ya walk funny. Sideways most the time.

Time went on.....a cruise to the Mediterranean. You know, Italy, Greece, Spain, France and a 2 day layover in Turkey. When I got back to the States, I was on a different ship. A big ass ship.  USS Canberra CAG2.

 But this ain't the end of the story. I was hospitalized in Norfolk, Va. when the ship went to Viet Nam, so I was offered to change ships again...to any duty port I wanted. I chose Galveston, Texas aboard an old junk WWII destroyer. USS Haynesworth.
While in Galveston I became a pro at homebrew'n a batch of wine what would make your toes curl up. If ya didn't want your toes to curl, I had some beer that would do the same thing. Dark beer what looked like year old honey.

Anyhows, we took a cruise to the Carribean where I filled a sea bag full of coconuts. "What the hell ya gonna do with all them coconuts Billy Bob"??? Gonna make wine. What I did. It started off look'n like 2% milk ya buy in the supermarket, but then it started to clear. By the time it was crystal clear, I decided it was time to test. HOLY COWS....that crap is strong. Had to mix it with Sprite or anything just to drink it. It was like a bomb.

Ann came over to visit....that was XX's best friend. She said..."can I have a glass of your coconut wine"?? Big grin on my face now....this is gonna be funny. She put that glass to her lips, took a big swig, eyes rolled back and she says...." HOLY SHIT....that crap is strong". The hairs on her arms was stand'n up like she was hit by lightning. Now what to do with 4 gallons of coconut wine.

Bout time for me to go see what old Ben has in store for us today. He came out earlier to change the plug on my electric, but I run his butt slap off. I'm doing fine just like it is. No use chang'n something that works.

See ya laters.....


  1. you back in demming yet? Im leaving Terlingua tonight

  2. Guess I have to go fising with Billy Bob after seeing that film clip. What you think, good cast?