Friday, August 20, 2010

Barnyard Rv Park

Just in case no body knows, old Billy Bob is at Bens casa in Dallas, Texas. I say Dallas cause ain't no one knows where Lillian is at.

Boy howdy, did I ever tell ya bout the time I got lost. I weren't goona look like no dumb ass what was lost and had to ask directions, so's I just gave up and went home.

I call old Uncle Ben yesterday and says..."where the hell am I"??? Of course, he didn't know neither....but he did suggest going on a little further and turn right. Weren't no time and I was almost back where I started from. Oh God, what to do now? Nothing but street names and no hwy numbers. Ok, I pull into a convenience store and ask the nice guy behind the counter...."where Lillian"???  LOL...he had no idea....but a customer did. Five minutes later I was in Lillian following Ben to his casa. He had the back gates open and I said..."boy howdy, that's a small gate for this big ole house to fit through. I were watch'n one side as I pulled through a drainage ditch to the small opening...only inches to spare. Parked right next to the barn and hook up electric, light me up a little cigar and sit back on the couch with a cup 'o and jawed with Ben.

Inside the casa we talked and laughed, met some little 9 year old boy called Noah (the boat builder) and a couple neighbors from Mexico....or some place like that. Then later I met "blondie"....Bens house guest and her AC repairman. LOLOLOL....that guy don't know nutting bout AC's.

Today consisted to more jaw'n with Ben, watch'n the TV and ate up a samitch...JD and scrambled. Bout nap time, I went off to "da house" what was nice and cool. Put the awning out and lay this old skinny body down for a 15 minute nap. Now that was right at 1:30pm and when I waked up it was creep'n up on 4pm. Put on a pot and "bam"....blowed that breaker. Yes it's a 20 amp breaker....probably as old as old Uncle Ben....and weak. But old Billy Bob done figger out what to do. See that 30 amp breaker right under the 20??? Yep...gonna change breaker....unless there is a Home Depot close by.

Ben is off to the store.....and SubWay. Yum yum, we gonna be eat'n some good eat'em up here in a bit. In the mean time.....I ain't gonna do nuttin.

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  1. Glad you made it. Did you find a generator doctor? How's the BP, BB.