Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh no, you didn't....

Oh yes I did. Ya see, it was like this. I was sit'n out there on "da porch" just mind'n my own business and here come pesky neighbor Wayne with a golf ball in his mouth mumbl'n something bout going to the golf course.

This morning I drag myself out of bed like a bolt of lightning. Not that I wanted to, but I had me one them cramps what make ya says all kind of cuss'n stuff. I must'a holler GD GD GD at least a hunert time. Have ya ever try to pee with a cramp in your leg and holler'n obscenities?

It was 6am when my coffee was finished brew'n, dark as a paper bag outside and temp right on 57 degs. By the time the sun peeked over the horizon, old Billy was all fire up to go to work in the yard.  Went out there and start chop'n and rak'n weeds and old dead grass stuff.  Another 2 or 3 weeks and I gonna have me a sand and gravel yard again. Speak'n of trees, did I tell ya bout the two trees I built out of bushes? Yeah I did. I took all them spare limb thingys off and there ain't nuttin but one trunk and a few scrawny limbs left. Look'n good Billy Bob. See, I told ya, I make stuff.

Golf game weren't worth a flip. Clubs must still be warped. Sadie Mae was hunt'n today in every bush out there. Was wore slap out by the 9th hole. I didn't fare too well either after hunt'n all them golf balls. When ya practice something, ain't ya supposed to get better?? 

 Won't be long and "Sally da house" is gonna be sit'n right here and I gonna be catch'n me sum fish.


  1. That ain't no water hazard on the golf course. That's out in ARZ ain't it? didn't you catch all the fish outta that pond last year? ( taking Wayne with ya this year ?)

  2. I missed you and started to get worried. Glad you are OK, Ben told me you were.

    Hey, where did you get a picture of my swamp? :)

    You need to train Sadie Mae to point out them big ole fish. That way you don't have to waste time on the little ones.

  3. I recall a video about you fishin there before.

  4. Yes Yuma Ben. Yeah I caught them all last year, but they gonna put brand spank'n new ones in there bout 3 times this winter.

    Dixxy, if'n your swamp is as purty as "da pond", I'm mov'n to your house.

    Yeah Nick, I remember that vidio....wonder where it come from???

  5. Sorry to hear about your cramps but you should of at least give the remedy I gave you a try.

    How did Blue Eyes do on his stress test?

    Need to tackle my yard tomorrow or hire someone to do it. Bought a 3 pack Black & Decker yard bundle at Big Lots but only got as far as the parking lot and had to return it since it would not fit in my car :-(

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6DT6_EYuWM

    fishin trip