Thursday, May 7, 2015

When to break camp?

Hain't nobody interested, so there ain't a whole bunch I need to talk bout this morn'n. Things are go'n slow.

So slow, that it may be Monday before we hit the road. But that's bout what I was figger'n on anyhows. Now if'n Robert weren't here help'n me get stuff done, it would be a couple weeks for me alone.

Once I crank up "Sally da house" it's gonna be a bit over 400 mile before we out of the state of Texas. On a normal, one man driv'n, that's two days. With Robert jump'n behind the wheel, we should be out of Texas in nuttin flat. Something like bout 12 hours....count'n rest stops, fill'n the gas tank, eat'n a sammich an' let'n Sadie Mae go pee an' poop.

A trip was made to Port Aransas yesterday. Pick up my mail, buy up some smokes an' drop by the bank for some pocket change. Robert ain't been to Port Aransas in bout 20 years, so we done a "tourist" thing. Cruise through town an' head down to the beach. The beach sucked. Winds from out at sea has pushed all the Gulf of Mexico up on the beach roadway. Big ol' pot holes an' water everwhere. High tides all the way up to the dunes. Very few bikini clad chick-a-babys.

Ok, got things to do. Gotta keep Robert busy ya know.
See ya laters.....


  1. He is a good boy, just don't work him to death.

  2. Don't take long to do do the tourist thingy in Port Aransas, been there a few times, do enjoy the beach when the weather co-operates.
    Sounds like goo plan , hit the road and you be there lickety split with Roberts help.
    Tip: when he driving take a nap.