Friday, May 29, 2015

No wait....I ain't fixed yet.

Ok, yesterdya's post was somewhat worded wrong. I was intend'n to just write bout the procedure I went through....nuttin else. When I said I was feel'm good, I should have left that out. By the end of the day, I was in a bunch of pain.

But, bout 10:30 last night I climb out od the "that chair" an' sit down in my office chair. The pains subsided. How comes I don't know. This morn'n when I get up, I don't have no pains. Now, a couple three hours later, my hip has pain in it. As yesterday, not as bad as before the needles.

Anyhows, the doctor I was gonna call this morn'n has been put on hold. I'll wait out the two weeks an' see how I feel after that time. Could be good, could be bad. But still better than before the shots.

I got a little project....turn a big ol' 12 foot yard gate around (hinge from other side). Dig up a 4 x 4 post an' replace it with a 4 x 6 post. The bigger post will hold up the hinge side of the gate....heavy ass gate. As with any project I start, with Robert anywheres close by, he said he would do all the dig'n. Kind of like he did on MY "Billy Bob" deck project. Ha, I didn't even get to screw in 1 screw. I don't get to do nuttin on my own.

Have done no repairs on "Sally da house". Although there are a couple that need done pretty soon before things get worser. Have decided for sure that I am gonna replace the vinyl flooring in the kitchen an' living area. Ain't a thing wrong with what I got other than it needs to be extended 2 feet further forward with no joints 8' X 14'. May change color an' design....keep up with the Jones. "Break out the duck tape Billy Bob".
By the way, the vinyl flooring is "loose lay" vinyl. Ya don't glue it down, ya use double sided tape especially made for this kind of job an' this kind of vinyl. Not many people know that....just thought I'd let ya know.

With all the rains for the last week, I've pretty much had to remain inside "da house" But today, there's a ton of sunshine out there. Time to do something. Ha ha, maybe go sit on "da deck", sip up a cup an' do some think'n.

Oh yeah, did I tell ya I bought two mater plants? They bout a week or so old now. Man boy howdy, you should see them suckers grow. Since 5/23 they growed right bout 3 1/2 inch. Got a little yeller flower on one an' a tiny little mater on the other. Big Boys an' Better Boys. Opps, somebody eat my little yeller flower.

Ok, it's later now, got to take me up a pain pill for my hip. This is what I'm talk'n bout....it ain't fixed yet. 



  1. Oh yeah fresh maters, love em, at least you a bit better than before and thats good.

  2. From mine and my son's experience, when the numbness wears off, it can hurt like blazes. And, it can take a few days for the injection to take effect, up to 3, maybe more. On this last one, i was told up to 10. I think on the last one, i need one more, feels like there was one place that didn't get it. Have an MRI coming up, and another injection,, but that's in July! Meanwhile, taking all these pain pills.

  3. I do love me some home grown 'maters! Hard to beat!

  4. Speaking of tomato plants; I thought about buying a couple at Lowes yesterday, UNTIL I spied the price tag. I think $30 for two is just a TAD too much to invest; don't you agree?

    Hoping those shots are giving you some relief by now. Hmm, thinkin' I need one right between the eyes!