Sunday, May 17, 2015

Still alive an' kick'n....barely

The awning is out an' producing shade. How long will a duct tape repair last....shoot, I don't know. The floor is sweeped.

A kiddy swim pool was filled yesterday an' we placed the tug boat in it. It turned over. The battery mount was removed an' the battery placed on the bottom of the boat. It didn't turn over (lower center of gravity). The motor an' motor control was removed an' two 1" holes drilled in the motor mount. 3000 bb's were placed in the holes (ballast). A mixture of fiberglass resin was mixed an' poured in the holes to form a solid block of bb's. A float test was performed. My God, it's gonna take bout 5000 more bb's before the tug boat settles out on the water line. Actually, with the weight of 1 bb, it should take 7500 bb's to ballast the tug boat to the waterline. Do ya know how long it takes to count 7500 bb's???

The trim piece and seal under the front slide out were inspected. There's a possibility the slide out will NOT have to be removed to repair all that tore up stuff. But it won't be done today.

One of my electric heaters has bit the dust....to a normal person it has. But with the old Billy Bob on the scene, it will be fixed.....that simple. I mean, like how hard can it be to disassemble a electric heater, repair a set of burned contacts an' put that sucker back together.....with only a few screws left over?

Tensions are high. Ever time I see a needle make a appearance on the TV, I am cover'n my eyes an' flip'n channels. Kind of like a girl watch'n a old time horror movie. I don't like needles. Follow up doctor appointment is Tuesday. Not too nervous bout that, but when I get them big ass needles stuck in my back....Yooow-eeeee, I'm gonna faint. You can say all ya want bout needles an' how there ain't nuttin to it, but you ain't walk'n in MY sandals.

Let's talk bout blogs for a minute. Blogs ain't what they was just a few years ago. Hand held devices has a lot to do with that. People are put'n their computers in a closet an' do'n all their internet stuff on a smart phone. This equals less people read'n blogs. In case ya didn't know, blogs don't show up what ya write on your blog. At least mine don't.

Then there's the blogger themselfs, they don't write like they used to do. This is caused by readership...why write it if'n nobody is gonna see (hand helds), or read it. When you're old an' sick an' cain't do nuttin no more an' then ya write bout it, there ain't nobody wants to read that kind of stuff. I'm guilty an' old an' sick....chalk up a dy'n blog.

So here what I been think'n. Cut back on blog posts. Just write bout something excit'n when something excit'n happens. Or maybe when I find me a new project to be involved with. I like writ'n bout projects.

Ok, I'm out of here. Got the tug boat ballast project to work on ya know.     


  1. " Do ya know how long it takes to count 7500 bb's".
    If'n it was me, I'd weigh a few on a postal scale, then figure: Y+2 x 15 = G+- 4 2 the 10th power X 75,000,000. Or some such formula ...Yi, Ha! See how helpful I can be for you?

    Ha ha, Billy Bob, hope your day is better than yesterday and tomorrow is better than today.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about needles. I know they don't hurt much if at all, but the thought of sticking them into my veins or anywhere else, just gives me a chilly feeling all over and it ends up in the pit of my stomach.

    1. What the hell do ya mean they don't hurt much??? Have ya ever swak your thumb with a 20 oz. hammer.....bout the same in my book.

  3. I keep reading and commenting and even posting. If for nobody else than a diary for us to look back on.
    Keep up what ya can BB.

  4. BB, my husband gets those injections inhis back regularly. They help so much. He says only the first one hurts a little. That deadens the area so he doesn't feel the others. I hope your experience makes you feel better.

  5. Here's how it goes Billy Bob..Open the computer and check to see if you have posted yet...read what's happening..check on Gypsy...read what's happening..then everyone else.

  6. We like whatever your write. Makes us feel like we're helping somehow. Which makes no sense at all. Which is why it works here?

  7. I still read too and love whatever you want to talk about.

  8. Still reading on this end as well....

  9. Billy Bob,
    If you keep writing I'll keep reading.

    Max from Illinois, doing my part. Haha!

  10. Hermit's Baby SisMay 18, 2015 at 7:09 AM

    As you've been told, Billy Bob, we're still here. You just seem to get more comments when you say you're not gonna blog anymore ...

  11. Let's say what if NO BODY ever reads your blog like they do mine. Writing still is good for the WRITER! Writing can be a catharsis for the soul. (A catharsis is sorta like a laxative - it cleans ya' out).