Sunday, May 24, 2015

Life at "Yo Mama's RV Resort"

Ok, I'm camped on a slope. One leg needs to be shorter than the other. I need a bulldozer to fix that. But instead, I'm gonna build me a "snap together" 8 X 12 foots deck. When I break camp, the deck is simply unscrewed an' stowed in pieces....3 sheets plywood an' 7 2 x 6's. You can watch me build it if'n ya want.
"Robert, take me to Home Depot".  

Man boy howdy. Do ya remember what I was tell'n ya bout old folks an' the younger folks when they get together. Once ya get to talk'n, ya may as well go sit in a corner. Them younger folks ain't gonna listen to a word us older folks has got to say. Yesterday I had me a yard full. Me, "Yo Mama" an' HIL Harry just sit there, shrug our shoulders an' says...."What the hell"? An' dogs, let me tell ya bout dogs....there was 8 of 'em run'n round bout a hunnert mile a hour, yap'n at each other, jump'n up in laps.....bark'n anything that moves. I love my daughter an' 4 grandkids, but they been here long enough....they gotta go.

The Weber grill legs were all completed an' installed. Works perfect either in the siting position or the standing position. The PVC legs fit snug enough that if'n you pick up the grill to move it, the legs don't fall out. I done that many times with grills....dad gum leg fall out an' make me go into a cuss'n mode.
To answer on commenters question..."is there enough heat on the legs to soften 'em up an' all the goodies fall on the ground when the grill falls over"? Nope, there ain't. I checked that before I decided on PVC legs versus aluminum. 

I fall slap to sleep in my camp'n chair. Took me a hour nap, Waked up an' I got to have me some aspirin right now. Damn I hurted. A couch pillow was added to my camp'n chair....Oh, so much better.

We builded a campfire. Five of us sit round that fire eat'n delivered pizza. I start tell'n stories. Damn, my stories are sooo much better when I write 'em. I ain't no story teller. It's hard to add the required spices, herbs an' fancy words when ya ain't got no time to think.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Had me some family company, a ton of dogs to pet...an' to yell at "git off me", 3 big ol' pizzas an' a freak'n campfire....yes, I enjoyed that.  


  1. Guess you had a good one today. Glad you have your family around to keep you hopp'n.

  2. Now that sounds like pretty good campground, keeping you busy thats for sure.

  3. Sounds like a great day, BB. We had a good one too with a fish fry with my Brother.