Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Third day in Georgia...whoop-dee-doo

Well here it is another day already an' all I been do'n is sit'n on my buttocks when I should be do'n stuff. By do'n stuff, I'm mean like maybe sweep an' mop the floor, make up the bed, vacuum the dead bugs off my desktop.....you know what I'm talk'n bout....freak'n housework. God I hate housework.

Cat is buried out there in the neighbors yard. Well, it ain't really the neighbors yard, but it'n not "Yo Mama's" property. Ya might say it's buried in the woods. Grandson Nick was kind enough to do that for his papaw. He's a good boy. At least the little kitten got 5 days of cuddles an' lov'ns from me an' Robert.

Holy cows, it was cold last night....58 freak'n degs. Would you believe if'n I tole you I turn on a heater last night? Was a nice comfortable 68 degs in "da house" this morn'n. Sleeped like a baby.

From the storm that hit south Texas. This is the street in front of "El Rancho Abraham's" (Billy Bob's camp'n site). Had I not left 2 days early, I would have been slap dab in the middle that storm. The old Billy Bob does make a good decision once in a while.

Darling daughter Doris drop by a bit ago an' brung me a piece of cake she baked. She's tak'n "Yo Mama" to her morn'n shoulder surgery. Robert is go'n too. Hope all goes well. Let ya know later.

Ok, that's the only new news I can think of right now. I'm gonna do something here in a bit. Don't know what, but it's probly very important I get it done. God I hate housework.


  1. I hope Yo Mama's surgery goes well and she has a speed recovery. How I hate surgery!

  2. Hey all is good and you settled in for a bit,family and friends around all will be good.
    Good luck with Yo mama' surgery too.

  3. Sorry about the kitten, rather sad. Hang in there, only a few more days till some pain relief.