Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two Days of Nothing

My God Billy Bob, what have you been doing? "Oh nothing"
I ain't got nothing to post 'cause I didn't do anything. Ate me up a chicken and a hand full of jalepenos the other night and paid dearly yesterday and most of today. No details.
Would ya believe it, old Billy Bob done did the dishes when I run out of forks. I gots to go to Walmart and buy me some more.
Was a beautiful day in El Paso up till the wind started blown stuff all over the place. Blowed my satellite dish off the freak'n satellite and had to point it again. And then here come the rain. Just enough to to wet down the ground and settle the dust.
Mamma hummer come in the house today whiles I had a window open. I coaxed her back to the open window and out she went, right past them mean ol' bees. Hope to see some hummer puppies before I leave El Paso next week.
OH!!! Mater plant is grow'n like a well fertilized weed. I'm a think'n if I was to sit out there and watch it, I could see it grow. Would be more exciting than watch'n tv all day.

Until we meet again.....


  1. Hope you get to feeling better Billy Bob.

    Don't you just love Walmart? They have just about everything under the sun there. I only go on Thursdays though since I am not big on crowds. I find that less people go on that day since they dont get paid till Friday.

    Darn that means I forgot to go today...will have to wait till next Thursday, lol!!

  2. Oh, Walmart. I almost forgot about Walmart. It's a far and away distant memory. I miss it, but not enough to visit one anytime soon. Thanks for the memories!