Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello day

Well would you lookie here....it's June. Just wondering what significant changes will happen this month. All good I'm hoping.

Didn't finish yesterdays blog entry 'cause I fell plumb asleep after eat'n up a batch of pork rib tips, sauerkraut and taters. Old uncle Ben on his blog ( http://benntexas.blogspot.com/ ) inspired me to this concoction last week and I finally slapped it all together. Thanks Ben.

Speak'n of eat'um up, I seen a commercial for one them pizza places advertis'n some bread pizza thingy. That made me think.....what I do quite often....this would be perfect for a solar oven. But I don't have a solar oven. Billy Bob, ya gots to git with the program.

In answer to a direct question in the comments section.....MsBelinda, I will be parking my shack in Deming for a couple three months. I have a huge permanent rv spot there, fenced in for the dogs, my porch and the golf course is only 5 miles away. Maybe this will be the course I break the "holy grail" 80 on. Plus I have a lot of think'n to do.

Gonna go look at a motor scooter today.
Billy Bob....what the hell you gonna do with a motor scooter??? Ya can't ride the damn thing in the desert and it's way too little for a grown man. Sides that......where ya gonna put it when ya travel???

Say hello to my Mikey!!!!

And a big howdy to Mouw Mouw

Went off scoot'n the streets of El Paso again today. Just the usual stuff...do I turn here or there??
Went to the Indian Casino and bought me some more smoke....nasty stuff. Forgot my meds. bottle, so I just drove right on past Walmart without stopping. Very seldom do that.
Come back home and took me a long nap, put on a pot o' coffee and now I'm gonna sit outside....
and watch my mater plant grow.....


  1. First off , glad you tried the ribs and kraut and dang cool kitty!! My Basset says HELLO. and Dang cool Bike( almost a bike anyway. ) :-)

  2. Uncle Ben, :-) Mikey died a few years ago. He is dearly missed, as is Mouw Mouw that died from a snake bite just 3 years ago. Both were exceptionally great cats. Both rode countless hours in my motor home all across the US. Will post a pic of Mouw Mouw in my daily entry.

  3. Billy Bob thank you for answering my question, I appreciate it.

    Your cats were beautiful, I am sorry to hear that they both passed on specially the way Mouw Mouw died.

    Had a wonderful cat for 14 years and he is very much missed as well. Thought I would never have another one but my mother's worthless neighbors abandoned their cat when they got evicted and she just won me over, her name is Bonnie Blue (as in Gone With The Wind). All my life I have always had male cats this is my first female cat.

    Lordy how you made me laugh with the comment about the scooter, lol.

    Went to Home Depot yesterday to try to do something about this ant infestation that we have and I will be darn if the couple in front of me didn't buy SIX of those Tupsy Turvy things. It reminded me of you.

  4. Hi BB! Glad to see you're up and about;-) I'd forgotten about your blog... nice to catch up. Sure wished you'd forgotten your smokes instead of your forks tho'... :-\ Give yourself a big hug and scritches for Sadie and Lugnut from us!

    Sherry & T-Bear
    FT on Safari