Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not a bad day

Holy cow....is this me feeling good this morning? Must'a been something I ate.
Louie came by early this morning...bout 10am right after he got up. LOL....he's a late sleeper, but this was early for him. I had been up for hours, done finished the three s's and was ready for action. Ate me up 2 humungus taquitos, not those tiny little rolled up jobbers, but huge....taters, onions, bell peppers, a couple eggs and covered with red salsa...all folded in half in an 8" tortilla X 2.
Right at 11:30 me and Louie headed east to Hueco Tanks State Historic Site. Have no idea what it's historic for, but we was there. Not for long though 'cause they said we had to WALK. Are they nuts?

Took off my sun glasses and this is the result....can't see.

It's really bigger than it looks...............

After that exciting trip, we went downtown to pick up an air compressor that will "blow up" my tires. Something like 4 cfm at 90#. Well, wouldn't ya know it....out of stock and discontinued. May as well just order one off the internet and be done with it.
After that disappointing moment we headed to the Mexican flea markets just a stones throw across the river. Of course, Louie wanted to go across the bridge, but not old Billy Bob. Got red tagged the last time I went and I ain't gonna sit in some interrogation room explaining how I came to be a US citizen. Actually it was easy, my momma borned me in the good ol' US of A. But I ain't got no proof of that....any shape or form.
Didn't buy a thing mostly 'cause everything was for wimmins. They had dresses, tight fit'n jeans, little frilly undergarments and purr-fumes every where ya looked. Ate up a big ol' whopper at Burger King and called it a day.


  1. You seemed to have had a great day! I blew up the picture of you at Hueco Tanks and those big rocks look awfully dangerous. Kind of reminded me of the road going south from Alpine to Study Butte.

    Glad you did not venture to Mexico.

  2. Hate to tell you, incase, you missed the news. WE Texans now need Passports even to just step across the border.

    Here's a link for you.


    sorry for you air compressor woes, and did you ever buy the motor scooter?