Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alarm clock

What's the use of having an alarm clock it the damn thing don't work? Three mornings in a row I have layed there waiting for it to go off and.....nothing....just the little second hand go'n round and round.

Up at 5:45 this "cold" morning. Would you believe it was 51 degs??? No wonder I was curled up in that skinny blanket with goose bumps. Today is gonna be a beautiful day so guess what ole Billy Bob gonna do. Yep, take this old body down to the golf course and "swack" some gold balls. Gonna hit that ball so hard, it'll take a week to find it. My pesky neighbor, Wayne, had a "great" fall the other day and been whin'n bout how bad he hurts, so I guess that will be his excuse when I beat him BAD today.

Had a comment yesterday that it looked like I had a "little" bit of desert at my home base in Deming.

Little bit???
Does this look like a little bit of desert???
It's ALL desert........

Oh Oh....."I can't find my golf ball". I really don't want to talk about it right now. It was terrible. Disgusting!!! Yeah my pesky neighbor, Wayne, beat me by two strokes. "that's all I have to say bout that" (GUMP).

Sit'n here eat'n a big ole can of sardines , one them 15 oz. jobbers and crackers....boy am I gonna be sorry after while. When I was younger, before my cast iron stomach lining ate away, I could eat anything. Now, my doctor says to eat "sissy" food. Mushy nasty stuff!!! Yogurt, rice pudd'un, steamed this and steamed that....."sissy" food.

Speak'n of "sissy" food.....them sardines sure won't pass. I took so many alka seltzers this afternoon, my stomach is sizzling and foam'n. So, on top of all that, I made the bestest "man" food for dinner. Hamburger steak, onions and gravy, boiled taters and green beans with half a stick of butter. See what old cast iron stomach has to say bout that!!!!


  1. Back in the 80's we made our first trip down to Deming from Albuquerque to take part in the Deming balloon rally inconjuction with the duck races.. Had a great time and as I remember we all stopped at the Middle of Nowhere Bar and Grill and got good cold beer and great hamburgers. wonder if it is still there?

  2. Lol, the reason I said a little bit of desert is because I only saw your little "grass patch" with desert plants. But in the background you can see a couple of trees...something not typically found in the desert.

    Billy Bob you need to follow your doctor's advice even if it does involve eating "sissy food". After the hamburger steak with onions and gravy you ate for dinner I hope you dont end up in the ER.

  3. I like your attitude towards food. I have always said,
    "I didn't fight and claw my way to the top of the food chain, only to eat grass and twigs. '

  4. Glad you made it safe and sound back to Deming, BB! How long before you start signing your posts "stuck in Deming" again? LOL

    When those big ol' juicy 'maters appear, maybe you should drizzle 'em with some balsamic vinegar instead of slatherin' them with mayo... just a thought:-)

    FT on Safari

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