Saturday, June 27, 2009

where my golf ball???

Up way to early this morning. I mean the ol' sunshine was still asleep. After my first cup'o, sunshine done waked up, peep'n over that mountain over there. Beautiful sunrise, but where the hell was my camera?

Got to the golf course an hour early. Paid my entry fee and smak'ed a few balls on the practice range. Putt'd a few on the putting practice green. I was ready. Gonna hit that ball so far it gonna take a week to find it. I still have 6 days to find my first drive.....it were gone...pooof...lost. I settled down after that and started playing in the right fareway.....barely. Had a terrible front nine but picked up the pace on the back nine for two under handicap. Not a winning score, but tomorrow I will do better.

By the time I got back to the motor home, I was starved. Brewed me up a big ol' sandwich what put my lights out for almost two hours. Love my naps. Later, my other old neighbor brung me over a piece and a half of homemade banana cream pie. Lug Nut come "this" close to get'n it while I wasn't look'n. After a left over chicken and corn dinner, the pie will be lunch tomorrow afternoon.

Spent an hour on the porch this evening. Nice and cool, quiet and very relaxing. Now I got's to go to bed and dream sweet dreams....swak'n golf balls.

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