Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where my Jeep Grand Cherokee????

Boy Howdy!!! Although I am a very patient type a guy, I'm getting very impatient. Here it is 3 pm and still no Jeep at my place. But it IS on the way. Maybe the seller is trying to limit the time I have to test drive. Going to Silver City and back was the plan, but it will be almost my bed time when we return......drat!!! I guess if the Jeep makes it the 130 miles from El Paso towing a little car behind and not "steaming" when it gets here, I don't need a long test drive.

9 pm:
Well, I am now the proud owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 5.2 liter V8, automatic, 4x4, with great big ole tires and a lift kit. The seller and Louie finally showed up just in time to take off to Silver City to eat and get my first ever, in my life, speeding ticket. It were a freak'n trap. Small town cops. Drives nice, has lots of power and goes too fast in a 35 mile zone.

That was my exciting day. Glad it is time to write this one off and start a new day in the morning.


  1. Got a ticket cause it rides so smooth and you were not aware of the speed? of just not watching while playing with all the new stuff in it?

    Sorry,, might try taking the ticket to the judge and present your case,, what can it hurt?

  2. Congratulations on your new toy. Wow, first ticket in your life? Wish I could say the same.

    I'm with Ben on this, take it to the judge. I'm sure he would be impressed that it is your first ticket and let you off. There is nothing wrong with trying.

    Oh by the way I hope you had a happy Father's Day.

  3. Hey MsBelina, he is not the only old fart with a clean driving record.. mine is also I did NOT say I never got a ticket,,I said my record is clean :-)

  4. LOL....I know what the judge would say..."ha ha ha, first ticket and I get the privilege of fining you and adding court costs" I think I would be better off just paying the $68 and going on.