Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun in the desert

Oh what fun it is to be stuck in the middle of the desert. I have to say "stuck" as I will be here till I decide somewhere else to go. In the mean time, I have nothing to do but have fun. Whether it's laying on the couch in deep thought, or sitting on the porch watching spectacular sunrises and sunsets. With mountains in every direction, I am never bored for a different view. All I have to do is turn my chair.

But, living in an R/V park has it's disadvantages. Can't let the dogs out to chase roadrunners and rabbits. Can't shoot a gun. Can't take a "neekid" shower in the yard. Can't have a roaring campfire. Can't listen to "loud" music. Ya just can't do nuttin. So, that's why I go play golf.

My little red Bronco II has about seen it's last days. I think it's doomed for the junk yard any day now. It's kind'a like being married. When ya don't trust your mate, it's time to go. Me and my little red Bronco II have been together for a long time and hate to see her go, but I ain't gonna walk back from them mountains over there. My walk'n days were over a long time ago.

Bought me 2 new pair of Wranglers and washed them over at my pesky neighbor Wayne's place. IN COLD WATER. Hung 'em on the line and they turned into boards. When I folded them up nice and neat, they unfolded themselves. Who ever hear such a thing???? Off to the laundry come monday morning where they have HOT WATER.

Looks like chicken and corn for dinner. Been in the fridge for 2 days, so I better eat it tonight or give it to the dogs. It looks good, but what is that smell??? "Smell-my-nella"????


  1. "It's kind'a like being married. When ya don't trust your mate, it's time to go."

    jajajaja, this line just made my day, lol!!

    If you dont like living in an R/V park why dont you purchase a small parcel of land so you can do as you please?

    I dont think the cold water had anything to do with your pants being hard as boards, I think the culprit is having dried them in a clothesline.