Friday, June 26, 2009

Tournament Practice

Up bright and early just in time to see dark turn to light. It's amazing that it happens every morning about the same time. Too many clouds this morning for a fantastic sunrise. But I know it was there.

Went off to the golf course by 7:30 for a last practice round before the tournament tomorrow morning. If I swak that gold ball tomorrow like I did this morning, I ain't gonna win noth'n. It were terrible, but I was still under handicap. But three under, never won anything.

Took the brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee w/5.2 V8 to the tire and alignment place to get it checked out.....dern thing wanders all over the road and I don't like that. Of course, they had to make me an appointment for Monday morning.....people standing around doing noth'n and they want an appointment. Sheesh!!! Makes me so mad I could squeeze a grape. Now, there goes all my plans for Monday morning.

Took a pic of one of my visitors. Scotts Oriole.
Sticks his beak in them little holes just like the hummers do.

And this is one my beautiful blooms on a "bird of paradise"...or what ever it's called.

My poor mater plant was due to have mater puppies by now, but still noth'n. Pretty little yeller flowers, but no little green maters. I'm gonna make one more attempt to save it's life....gonna water it two times a day and see what happens.

Off to Walmart and Kmart to buy something. Don't know what, but all this money I saved this week is burn'n a hole in my pocket.


  1. You may be watering your poor mater too much! They like to dry out between watering, don't like wet feet!


  2. Mary, it's in one them topsy turvy thingys. Can't over water. It's the wind in Deming that is killing my poor mater plant. Poor little leaves all shriveled up like an old mans...ah..biceps.

  3. Good luck in your tournament tomorrow.

  4. Knock that little white ball so far you have to hire a team to find it.

    And about your mater,, did you spray any bloom set on the blooms? Worked for me , when I did maters.

  5. Hey Billy Bob,
    Missing your long entertaining posts on RVS's so came here to track you down. I have finished June's posts now have to go back and find where you started!
    Congrats on the new Jeep, looks very nice, hope you get it the way you want it before time to ditch Deming for the winter. Love all the pics. The desert southwest is anything but barren.
    Sorry about your tomato plant, I didn't get my one and only one planted until last weekend. Ohio has been hot, hot, hot and then rainy and cool at night for awhile. I did see two small baby blossoms this afternoon so maybe before Thanksgiving I'll get a couple of tomatoes.LOL, Anyway, great to find your blog and will be reading it regularly now.

    KathieB SW Ohio