Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Been think'n

Ain't easy to write about an exciting day when you didn't do nuttin.
Been crank'n my tv antenna back and forth trying to get a good signal.....rekon a new antenna is next. The new HDTV is doing ok if ya consider not being able to hear it ok. Who ever thought that speakers on the bottom of a tv is "a better idea" needs therapy. Now I had to go out and buy an amplifier and speakers. I can see it now....I'm gonna end up spending $1000 just to watch "crap".

Today is the day Rio Mimbres Country Club plays the Truth or Consequences Country Club in a round of "swak them golf balls". The last time our club went to Truth of Consequences, they beat our arses like really bad. But old Billy Bob wasn't there. Today will be a different story.

Ok....game over. Out of twenty or so teams, we skunked them so bad they will never come back to Deming. Old Billy Bob swak'ed that ball right down the middle of the fareway....so far it took almost a week to find them all. Great time at the golf course. Had pizza after the game.

Started rounding up my "stuff" to build my solar oven. Had a bunch of it in my cart at Walmart, but started dropping it off in different locations through out the store......lol. Decided I better find a piece of glass before I buy stuff. Can't wait to cook up one these little rabbits running round here. Anyone like solar cooked quail???

Oh crap, what did I do NOW???? My back hurts so bad my toenails hurt. Sciatica....been there, done that too many times. "Oh, I can lift that" has been my motto for too many years, but it has always cost me in the long run. Now I'm a sissy, but still over do it. Men are so dumb!!!

If this is all I write today, so be it. But maybe, something exciting will happen in my boring life.

Update on my dash air. Nope....no pressure at all.....pooof!!!!....all gone. I see no sign of a leak at all, so I'm suspecting it's the compressor clutch seal. With out a leak detector, it's hard to find a freak'n leak.

Update on my mater plant. Not look'n good. Seems the winds of Deming is taking a toll on the leaves. Have new growth and new buds, but no little maters yet. Now what am I gonna do????


  1. About your TV reception, here in the house, I had attach a simple Radio Shack signal amplifier, pretty simple but mine had to plug in.. Helped me a bunch. For what it is worth.

    AND,,dang it,don't wait so long between post, we get worried you are having too much fun and forgot about us. :-)

  2. Yo Ben, the antenna on my motor home is already amplified. The problem I have is there are trees between me and the towers over there on that mountain. The trees are so tall I can't even see the mountains. And on top of that, my antenna is directional, meaning it has to be pointed "right on" the towers.

  3. I understand Bob,, IF you have not discovered this RV link, might be worth a look see. All sorts of helpful info there and people helping people http://www.rv.net/forum/