Saturday, June 13, 2009

Say it like it is

What I like bout these blog things is you don't have to look any body in the eye while you're beat'n yer gums. You can say anything you want, stretch a story, tell an outright lie and get away with it.

Up this morning to a beautiful sunrise....well what was left of it. It's amazing what the sun will do to the desert two times a day.

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Played a round yesterday morning. If I had played the back nine as good as the front nine, I would have had a great game. Still did Ok for a rookie.

Then I went to Walmart and bought me one them brand new high dollar HDTV's. Didn't want one them converter boxes. For sale: One used TV. Cheap. Told my El Paso tour guide, Louie, I was gonna use my old tv for target practice with my high powered .357 magnum hand held cannon. Hee, hee....may just do it.

Oh, by the way, this digital crap sucks. It don't freak'n work out here in the desert only 10 miles from the towers. I've lost all my favorite channels. Fortunately, Albuquerque won't be changing over till 2010, so at least I have some analog channels.

Looks like rain....feel outside....yep, it's rain. Been overcast all day with wonderful temps in the mid 80's. Hope it is just like this tomorrow on the golf course. Gonna hit that ball so hard, it'll take a week to find it.

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  1. Well Billy Bob at least you are close to the towers...imagine if you were in Terlingua you would have no reception at all!!

    If it wasnt because I am hooked on Betty La Fea, the original colombian soap opera that has been translated into zillions of languages worldwide (including Ugly Betty in U.S.) I would not care about not having TV reception.

    Wish I had remembered and recorded it at mom's house but alas I did not so I now have to spring for a new TV...

    Have a good golf game tomorrow.