Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh Oh....

Oh Oh, I forgot to make a post last night. Well, it wasn't really that I forgot, I just forgot what time it was and by that time, my brain was in sleep mode, not remember "what did I do today" mode.

This morning I woke up to "ole one eye", still in sleep mode, stumbled to the coffee pot, poured water on the floor what was intended to go in the pot......not a good start of a new day.

Want to thank those that have left comments. I guess comments are the reason we have blogs in the first place. My blog has replaced my travel logs. I used to write in them little $.10 notebooks on sale from Walmart every school season. Boy Howdy, do I have some stories in them notebooks.

Went online look'n at new cameras. Found what I want, but everyone is "out of stock". Then I got to think'n, "what ya gonna do with three digital cameras"??? So, if ya think like I do, I saved $500 yesterday. So, if I saved $500, what am I gonna spend it on????

More as my day unfolds.............

Well, it unfolded. Would you believe it took two hours to do dishes??? I have a method for doing dishes. Ya fill up a pan full of hot water and Dawn and soak what the pan will hold for 15 minutes. In that 15 minutes, ya rest. Then ya wash and rinse them and put in some more to soak. Rest #2. Then ya wash them and fill'er up again. Yeah, that's right, rest again. Three well planned rests should be no less than 45 minutes. Actual dish time should be no more than 15 minutes. Unless you happen to take a little cat nap in between.

Pulled the tow bar base plate off the little red Bronco II in hopes of modifying it to fit the Jeep. Hmmmm, for what it would cost to modify, I can build a new one...well maybe let the welding/fabrication shop do it for me. A new base plate costs right at $400 with shipping. If ya be think'n like I'm think'n, I could save another $200 to add to that $500 I saved yesterday. More on the base plate at a later date.

Signed up for a two day golf tournament this weekend. Match play, 36 holes...just like the pro's. If I keep swak'n golf balls like I been doing, I have a good chance to win. Been hitting under my handicap for the last two weeks.

Finished up the left over cat fish and macaroni for dinner. Weren't no better than last night. Was gonna save a piece for lunch tomorrow, but I ate it all gone. Now what I gonna do???

So sorry bout that ole mater plant. Just hanging out there in the topsy turvy thingy doing nuttin. I water it, feed it and it has plenty sunshine, but it do'n nuttin.

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  1. Lol, lol I thought I was the only one that bought those .10 cents notebooks at walmart during back to school time so I could write my journals.

    Started writing them on my computer but since I am basically computer illiterate I never backed them up and when my hard drive crashed I lost all my entries...so I am back to writing on my ten cent notebooks, lol.

    Save those $500 for a rainy day.