Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here it is another day again, but I have no idea where I put yesterday. It was on the counter top yesterday morning before I toted the trash to the dumpster, but that was the last I seen of it.

Boy howdy, did I ever lay back yesterday. It was a beautiful day in the mid to low 80's with a steady wind blow'n all day long. When ya come to Deming, ya get the wind for free.

This is "home base" Deming.

This is one my cactus. It had a beautiful bloom starting when I left here in April, but my pesky neighbor Wayne didn't take a pic when it was in full bloom.

CEO John Wells of The Field Lab could have used the bloom in his research of feeding his Texas Longhorns.

And here's the beauty.

Now....what am I gonna do today???


  1. looks like a pretty good place to call home. I like your "... grass" sign! :)

  2. nice looking desert place to hang out.. Whose dog is just visible in the first picture of the "garden" he is on the back side

  3. Ladytxn and Ben....the "grass" sign used to say "Keep off The Grass"
    The dog is Lug Nut in his fenced in yard on the other side of the cactus garden.

  4. Nice home place with a little desert mixed in.