Sunday, June 28, 2009

second place

Whoa, it's late....past my bed time. Been a really looooooong day. But I got's to make it short.
My golf clubs did a good job today. Came in second place in the "old farts" tournament. Ended up with a total of 134 after two rounds. That's ten under par with my handicap. Just like the pros.

Appointment in the morning to get Jeep alignment. Wanders all over the road. Hope this will take care of this and allow me to rubber neck going down the road.

Took me a nap this afternoon that was longer than the law allows. Would you believe two hours????

See ya tomorrow!!!!


  1. Second place is not bad huh? :-)

    Think I am like you, a long nap in the afternoon just ruins the rest of my day.. Stay well my friend.

  2. LOL Ben, that long nap was perfect, but got up still want'n more couch time. From reading your blog, yes, we are a lot alike. But I'm better look'n....lol.