Sunday, June 14, 2009

Golf Day

Oh what a beautiful day to be out playing golf, walk'n da dog, picnic in the park, or just layed back out under a tree...........

or on the porch.
(built Nov. 2006)

Up this morning and off to the golf course before most people are just waking up. It were cold again this morning with a temp of 61 degs. in the sun. Slight breeze out of the north what turned into wind by the 3rd hole. All up hill from there....struck an 86 after a triple and two bogies on the back nine. Dad burn bushes, trees, water, people talk'n, sand and wrong club.


  1. Nice porch.

    Wish the temperatures were as cold here as you are experiencing in NM. Hot and humid I am used to. What is unusual is how dry it has been in Houston. I actually have to water my lawn every night!!

  2. Ok Billy, update us and let us know you didn't blow away or melt in the heat!! Inquiring minds want to know. :-)