Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boring day

Nothing to write about today. Although it was a beautiful, overcast, windy, and moderately hot day.

My pesky neighbor Wayne brung me a skill saw today 'cause mine bit the dust. He also brung me a piece of plexiglass for my solar oven. Hmmmm....do ya think plexiglass will melt when the oven gets up to tamp.??? I know what I can do, if it melts, I'll replace it with real glass. But at least I have a project to start on.

Didn't do a thing today after a great round of golf other than change the license plates on the jeep. Didn't think I would ever sport a set of New Mexico plates, but the price was right. And no annual safety inspection like home State Texas.


  1. Good ole Google, try this link for the proprieties of Plexiglas.

    looks like it is Melting point

    130–140 °C (265–285 °F)

  2. LOL Ben, I guess that settles that idea. Thanks

  3. If I could save on the annual safety inspection sticker I too would sport New Mexico license plates. Plus I dont think they have emmissions testing there either right?

    Good luck with your solar oven...I cant even cook on a regular oven, lol!!