Thursday, August 13, 2015

A feeble attempt to "catch up"

Ok, where do I start? How bout today's procedure to kill some nerves? Ok, here ya go.

I was think'n I would be all nervous an' skeered of them blasted needles, but guess what. I just stick my hand out an' tell that girl...."take yer pick". She did.....same vein I would'a pick. No...I did not watch, I'm a sissy ya know. Then here come the doc an' he say...."are ye ready, follow me". I undo's my drawers so's the doc don't have to go through my pants sight unseen. The nice girl injects some sedative in me an' before she finish the second one, the damn doc is jab'n that big old killer needle in my back. I says to him..."SHIT!!!, ya could'a wait till the sedative take effect ya know". Three more jabs in my lower back an' "doc is gone"....pooof, just like that. I'm helped back to the little room where Robert is wait'n for me. Ha, I'm out of it an' cain't walk a straight line.

 Robert pull the bandage off a while ago an' says...."hey daddy, you got holes in yer back". Take a pic, I wanna see.
Ha....that's a nasty pic. Then wrinkles is from the bandage. Not sure if the bottom one is a injection spot or not.

Ok, here's the deal....accord'n to the nice nurse lady. It will take 7 days for the nerves to die an' I will feel a burn'n pain back there for a few days.....think'n seven of 'em. I was hope'n this procedure would help my hip pains, but nope, it didn't. Doc says we gonna go back an' work on the S1 nerve to take care of that. A different procedure.....a different time. Follow up on Sept. 8th. 

Now, bout my "other" doctor. Went in yesterday to discuss the results of my blood work. Ha, everthing was just fine. With the exception of a slight high cholesterol number. He says not too high. Damn, I forget to ask what the number was. Blood sugar was 90. Another blood lett'n an' a pee test was performed to check some other stuff. My energy level is still very low...an' I feel like shit.

Me an' Robert discussed my energy level. We come to the conclusion that my eat'n habits is gonna change. Ya see, I'm very very particular bout the stuff I eat. If'n I don't like the taste, I ain't gonna eat it. Now Sadie Mae, she don't give a care either way, she will eat anything. So, Robert say I need to write a list of stuff I CAN eat an' he will see to it that that's what I get.

Other good news....I'm sooo proud of the old Billy Bob. He has cut his daily consumption of little cigars in half for 4 days now. I'm cough'n up much much less pflem than when I was smok'n a pack an' a half. Last night I celebrated. Me, Robert, Yo Mama an' HIL Harry went to the chinese eat'n place. Man boy howdy did I ever fill my belly up with some good eat'n. I was stuffed. Now all I got to do is fill my belly up every day to see if my energy level returns.

Ok, tell me what ya think.....

  1949 Chris Craft Runabout. This should keep me occupied this winter while I'm stuck in "da house" all day. Yes it's gonna be remote control. I ain't never build a fast boat before. This one goes fast. The kit will be ordered from Amazon in the near future.

Speak'n of remote control boats, the Mississippi river boat is ready for a water test an' the Lackawanna tug boat has fully charged batteries an' is ready for the water. Damn, I can hardly wait.
My son Jesse has a swim pool just wait'n for a couple boat trials. Although, I would much rather go down the road 10 miles an' put the boats in the lake. Picnic area right next to the waters edge. Gooses an' ducks to talk to......shade trees an' never crowded. 

No word on the 5 acre piece of property yet. But I ain't really excitis bout it neither.

Have not downloaded Windows 10. I'm think'n I'll try to download it on the laptop an' see what I think of it before I download it on this machine. Some the reviews I read, there are issues. I am too freak'n old to be deal'n with issues.

Doors are instaled on the shed. A little roof thingy over the doors was builded an' installed.

Ordered an' received my mail. Hot damn, the registration for "Sally da house" was in it. Good until Sept 2016.

Ok, I'm out of stuff to talk bout. See ya next post....when ever that will be. 


  1. Hope the injections work quickly, and don;t cause too much burning. Yes you are what you eat-- you need to eat good to have energy.

  2. Thats good the treatment done, hope it does what its supposed to do.
    Nice lookin Chris Craft look like a fun project.

  3. Billy Bob -
    The Chris Craft is a beauty - what a deck! Maybe enough to keep you busy (if not content) through the cold winter, providing you don't start it right away ...Patience, my friend.
    Also patience with your back. You've come so far - accepting the needles, wanting to see the needle holes in your back, not to mention the time and pain involved. I have confidence in this treatment, at this time. Now get to work on eating - we have the same trouble with mom. She just doesn't want to eat, so is very weak and sluggish - gotta have that protein! How about some brown beans and cornbread? That'll do for me!

  4. Happy to hear about the injections, hope you feel much better in a week! We have 4 computers and I upgraded them all. Three went well, one had video driver issues. I needed a little help finding the right driver and all was great after that.

  5. Oh my, that Chris Craft is beautiful for sure. My grandparents lived on the river and there was a boat club across the street. One day a beautiful Lincoln convertible pulled a beautiful Chris Craft just like that one down to the river. I loved the sound of that boat as it sat there with the motor running. . . a low pitched rumble.

  6. You have about as much patience with installing new stuff on your computer as I do, and that ain't much! My suggestion is to wait a while. If Windows 10 is great then it will still be around - give them some time to work the bugs out. You have nothing to lose by waiting a month or three.

  7. hi BB. that boat you will put together this winter the 1949 Chris Craft Runabout reminds me of John Fitzgerald Kennedy . did he not own one just like that one ?

  8. Love the look of that boat! Reminds me of a doll house I built once with wood floors. I rubbed paste shoe polish into them to stain them and they came out looking like that boat does.

  9. That Chris Craft will be a real showboat when you get it finished.