Saturday, August 8, 2015

A little blog catch up

I've attempted to sit down an' write a post for the last 3 or 4 days. Nuttin happened.

My doctor appointment weren't nuttin more than that.....just a appointment with a hunnert questions. You know..."in what great state is Dallas located"? "What was the name of George Washington's mistress"? Then there was the blood letting the following day. Now I am wait'n patiently for the results an' where the doc is gonna start.

While I'm wait'n though, I ain't get'n no better. Well, maybe I am. But not what you can tell from a distance just by look'n at me. Maybe by monday, I will receive a call fro the doc's place an' we will get some repairs on the way. Energy level is my highest concern right now.

 "Ya wanna rassle"?
"Sure, why not"?

Leonard has a appointment next week to get his nuts huevos cut slap off. I'm think'n that's good news. No spray'n stuff in "da house"....yeah, that's good news.

Ok, I took apart an' fixed my broke Canon A1300 pocket camera. A. I received the fix in the mail a couple days ago...a Canon A1400. See how long this one will last.

Plans are in the mak'n for my "winter in georgia" stay. Big ol' propane tank. Portable, but big as hell. Think'n maybe bout 30 gallon. Hell, I don't know. An' I ain't gonna go take a pic of it. Gonna take 2 people to go have it filled. 

Have my computer hook up to Robert's wifi so' gonna download Win 10 any day now. Read'n reviews....damn, I got to make some changes when I get it. With Windows 10, they know everthing bout ya....when ya get up in the morn'n. What ya eat for breakfast. Every web site ya go to. Balance on yer check'n account. Everthing!! But, you have the option to change that....which I will.

An attempt is be'n made to cut back on my smok'n. With my breath'n issues as they are, I need to do something to help. With COPD, my lungs will never repair themselfs, but if'n they stay like they are today, I an live with that. Wish me luck.

Only 5 more days for the back procedure. Damn, I can hardly wait. I been in pain like I been shot in the back with a .357 magnum. I'm just hope'n that the nerve kill'n will help get rid of some this hip pain.

My house is a total disaster. I got dishes piled up in the sink, on the counter, on the stove. Tools lay'n on the floor....the same floor what ain't been sweeped in a week. The desktop I cleaned off is again a total mess. Groceries from the last trip to Walmart is still in a couple bags on the floor. I'm think'n bout a hour or so work for a normal person, or a couple days for me. Damn I hate warsh'n dishes.

I ate mater #3 off'n the mater plants. Not the best maters I ever eat, but when ya grow maters in a bucket, what do ya expect?

I rekon that until my next post, this will have to do. I ain't got a damn thing new to write about. Sorry.


  1. Good luck on quitting the smokes. I quit the 1st time when I was 39 yrs old, and that was the hardest thing I ever did. 20 yrs later I smoked again for a few years, then quit for good. The 2nd time was easier (I was 63 by then). You just have to switch your mind to something else when you crave a smoke. I still get a craving now and then but it's over with in a second or two.

  2. When my in-laws had a cabin up in the Minnesota north woods we bought our propane in the winter. Much easier to drag a tank through the snow than to carry it through the brush. We had two 100 lb tanks and the system was for the dealer to bring us a full tank and take away the empty one. Then all we had to do was switch the regulator to the new tank when the old one was empty. Since we mostly spent weekends up there that system worked well for us for years. We'd stop at the dealers on the way up on Friday and pay for the new tank and they'd deliver it whenever it was convenient for them.

  3. Good luck with feeling better and spending the winter in Georgia. Big proipoane is good and hope it's not too cold there this year for you.
    We be keeping an eye on ya.

  4. My Canon a1400 is a couple of years old and still going in spite of the way I treat it.

  5. I was born in that great state right out side of the biggest little town in northeast (Leonard) Texas and her name was Sally.

  6. Looks like the cat is always ready to mix it up. I hope the winter in Georgia doesn't treat you too bad.

    Good luck!

  7. Since your going to be stuck in one place maybe you should get you a portable dishwasher. Good Luck with your back and all the rest of the stuff your going to have done.

  8. Since Windows 10 seems to know everything about you, maybe they can tell you what is wrong
    and why you have so much pain, they give you choices on how to fix everything.

  9. Billy Bob, my 75 year old husband just downloaded Windows 10 this weekend, and LOVES it! He had 7 only because I talked him out of getting 8 with the new laptop several years ago. Now he's really feeling more at home on the computer, and maybe won't get into so much trouble with it.
    The Geek Squad is our new best friend.