Friday, December 28, 2012

Beautiful south Texas windy day

Vitamin 'C'.....yup I'm here to tell ya. Loaded up on that stuff yesterday and I weren't a bit cold last night like I was the night before. But then again, it weren't as cold last night as it was the night before by bout 8 degs. That just shows the power of miracle drugs....can even control the weather.

Yesterday I drawed me up a little grocery list. Not that I needed anything, but I needed to get out the house.....go somewheres. Down the road a piece, bout 14 mile, is a little town right on the border with Mexico. I'm gonna call it a little Mexican town since there ain't many anglo people out and about. My quest was to buy up some bird seed for the starv'n birds. Nope.....there weren't no bird seed. I rekon they gonna have to be satisfied with old stale bread.

Anyhows, in the little Mexican town of Roma, Texas, is this really nice grocery store...."Where's your camera Billy Bob"? Nuttin compared to the Walmart right down the road a piece, but still nice. Start load'n up my cart with stuff. Some of it I probly never gonna eat, but I got it anyhows. But the main attraction in the store was the meat market section. Cut up what ever ya want right there in front of you. You remember the old timey meat markets, right? Dang, wished I had room in the freezer for them big ol' steaks an' super thick pork chops.

Well shoot, here come the high wind again. It's a beautiful sunshiny day, but the wind is blow'n way too much to do anything outside. A quick look see at the weather forecast thingy and, it's ain't look'n too good for this part of the country. More cold is headed this way for the next week or so (low 40's at night an' 60's day time)....with scream'n north winds (bout 20 miles a hour). Cain't play golf ball swak'n in this kind of weather.

Shhhhhhsh!!! There's a woodpecker out there in my tree. Hold still there little feller, Billy Bob gonna take your picture. "I said HOLD STILL".....poooof, he's gone, just like that.

Speak'n of bears....did ya read OFM Barney's blog. Bear warning over there in the State Park. Anyhows, me an' Sadie Mae had just settled down for a good nights sleep last night an' I hears this loud "bump bump" on "da house". Sadie Mae start bark'n up a storm. Now what the hell could that be? I grabs holt my trusty .357 an' go take me a look. Any times I grab holt to my .357, something ain't right. Didn't see a thing. Since I read western books, I'm think'n there should be some tracks left behind by some intruder. I'm a tracker ya know. 

With more cold weather in the forecast, I rekon I'll brew me up another pot of Billy Bob South Texas chili. What's "Billy Bob South Texas Chili" ya might ask. Well, it's regular ol' chili brewed up by Billy Bob in South Texas. But any times I brews up a pot of "regular" chili, I add me some special stuff to it. You know, like a hand full of chop up onions, extra comino, a big ol' spoon of Gebhearts chili powder, a gob of garlic an' a quarter cup chop up canned jalapenos.....to taste. Little sweat beads....stuff like that. It don't set ya a fire like some them "macho" chilis do, but it sure do tastes mighty fine.

"So what's for breakfast Billy Bob"? Breakfast??? I'm think'n more along the lines of lunch. Damn, it's almost 11:30am. Slept in ya know.

What am I gonna do for the rest of the day??? Tune in tomorrow for a full recap. Laters!!!


  1. Well, I wanna know what the tracks were. Coon? Possum? Jack rabbit? Imagination?

  2. I think Barney got it. Of course it could have been Barney trying to get some of hat chili. . .

  3. what do you use for heat when your boon docking?

  4. Dizzy may be right, Barney does have some suspicious bruises on his elbow. But then again it was probably coyotes, Barney found the fur left over from someones dinner.

  5. If you ever see a chupacabra I hope you have your camera in hand instead of your trusty .357. I miss the old butcher shops where they cut and packaged meat for you, and wrapped it in butcher paper instead of throwing it into a plastic sack.