Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cold again????

I ain't never had much in my life, but I wouldn't change a thing if'n I could. I don't play the lottery 'cause I ain't got no use for that kind of money. I could win ya know....if'n I wanted to. I ain't never owned no 3000 square foot home with a acre of grass to cut every 2 weeks. Never really wanted one neither. I've never owned a brand spank'n new car. I've made do with what ever I could afford at the time. Junkers were just fine. I've been a poor boy all my life an' I ain't gonna do nuttin to change that now. I survived. That's what matters. Life is good.

Well shoot, I were lay'n there on the couch last night watch'n some nonsense on the tv an' I says...."damn Billy Bob, it's get'n cold in here". Now I had no idea it was gonna get cold last night, even after watch'n the weather guys every day. I been tell'n myself that it's time to move to somewheres warmer.....an' then it gets warm again. So I just sit here in Sinton enjoy'n the warm and sunshine. But all that is gonna change. It started last night with 42 degs. Come thursday, another cold front is due to blanket south Texas with more cold. That ain't to my like'n. Time to move south.

But there is a problem mission control. Where I'm gonna go is gonna be cold too. Falcon lake, is also in south Texas and that same cold front is gonna hit there too. That means, cold wise, I'm gonna be in the same boat I'm in now. No, not the "bubba boat"....sheesh, that for fish'n ya know. So now I have another decision to make. Do I sit out the next cold front here in Sinton or sit out the next cold front at Falcon lake? Either way.....I gonna be sit'n.

Even though I suck at golf ball swak'n, me and OFM Barney had a wonderful golf game yesterday.  I don't think I uttered a cuss'n word the entire game. That's unusual for me. I knows how to cuss ya know. Learnt how many years ago when I were a teenager an' do stupit stuff. An' of course, I were in the Navy too ya know. That helped a bunch in the learn'n process.

My secret weapon to win yesterdays golf'n game was some brand spank'n new golf'n balls. High dollar jobberdoos what supposed to go a country mile and straight like a arrow. Didn't take the old Billy Bob long to swak the first secret weapon slap dab in the middle a big ol' pond full of water. Kersploosh....it were gone. Them "secret weapon" golf'n balls weren't worth a poop. Don't go where I aim 'em. So much for secret weapons. Yes, Barney stomped me a new one again. Damn, I can't beat this guy. Maybe next time.....what ya think???

OK, I got decisions to make an' a bunch of stuff what needs my attention.....laters.


  1. I am betting it will be less cold at Falcon. If I did not have repairs scheduled for Friday, I would be rolling today. Dry down there also.