Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dumb luck...."that jeep"

By a stroke of dumb luck, "that jeep" went down the road a hunnert mile a hour like a brand spank'n new hi dollar SUV yesterday. I mean, I could have swore I seen a Cadillac hood ornament pop up on the hood ever once in a while. Ya see, I made a little trip yesterday, bout 35 mile down the road,  to the gulf coast little resort town of Rockport Texas. That where the OFM Barney live ya know. We had lunch at a great little Mexican food eatery....boy howdy, I ate too much. Make me sleepy wanna take a nap.

After I left Barney back at the "castle", I headed down to the harbor fish'n place. Ain't nobody catch the first fish. Then I got to think'n, water filter....go to Aransas Pass Lowes and buy a water filter. Ok, sounds simple huh? Well Lowes in Aransas Pass don't carry the water filters they advertise on their web site. They ain't even close. Whirlpool junk. That 'causes me to mumble some stuff, cuss a few words an' storm out the door talk'n to myself.

By the time I got back to Sinton where "da house" is parked, I done forgot I was supposed to go get some fresh water. Grrrrrrr....turn around. Ok, this is where things turn ugly. Ya see, my water jugs are 7 gallon gobberdoos. That's 56 some odd pounds what gots to be toted from the water dispenser to the "that jeep"....down a couple three steps. Or is it only one? Anyhows, I takes just one. And down I go, plop, right there in the park lot. "Watch that last step Billy Bob". Loaded up and back at "da house", I'm hurt'n. Times like this I wish I had listened to what my old girlfriend would say...."slow down big boy, take your time".

Seems that that damn goat went off to the neighbors house an' eat up a bag of chicken feed. That what the neighbor lady says anyhows. From where I'm sit'n, there ain't no way for that goat to escape an' eat chicken feed. The yard is fenced in. So now, the damn goat is imprisoned in a little cage.....have me some fun here....not big enough to turn around, no water, no food, no shade from the blaz'n sunshine....miserable conditions. Hee hee hee, just kid'n ya know....pull'n strings...piss off PETA. The goat is fine. That's his house....TV, queen size bed, microwave.....stuff like that.

Don't know what I gonna do today. It's still a bit chilly out there to be do'n outside stuff. Was think'n I might run over to the "secret hole" an' throw my fish'n pole in the water.....just for something to do ya know. Oh wait, I need to go to Academy an' try to get me some new camp chairs. Remember the ones what fell apart? Webbing died in less than 2 years. Academy should sell products what last more than 2 years....right? Well, I'm gonna go raise some hell. Maybe get me some new ones.....free. "Where's the manager, I want to see the manager". Do I have a receipt? Well hell no. Who keeps a receipt for something that should last a lifetime?

Ok....things to do ya know.....laters.



  1. What did you do to "da Jeep" to make it so good. Last I heard you were cussing it because it rode so bad. Did new bushings fix all the problems.

    1. LOL River.....it still rides like a truck. Yes the bushings made a world of difference. Now if I can get the suspension fixed on the rear end.....

  2. It's always something, isn't it? Hope the fishing is good anyway!

  3. The goat is in better conditions than poor Walter...I almost got caught feeding him the other day!

    I have found Academy to be customer friendly. They gave me a new pair of walkie talkies and they did not even ask for my receipt which as you know I always have.

    Be careful with those water jugs, even if it takes more time I fill my six gallon green containers using a gallon jug so as to not hurt my back lifting too much weight.

    Oh yeah...watch your step!

  4. What is the goat's name?