Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Monday

 Here it is Monday already. The weekend was a total loss at Billy Bob's house. I should have went fish'n or something like that. But what did I do? Spent 2 freak'n days on the internet look'n for a Jeep. Fount some pretty nice ones too. But "My god, them are some high price automobiles". Then I loaded up the water jugs and went off to town for some reverse osmosis water out one them machines at the grocery store. Got me 21 gallons pumped into the fresh water tank on "da house". Two more trips and I'll have a full tank. Then I built me up a big ol' pot of homemade chicken noodle potato vegetable soup. Hot damn, that some good eat'n I betcha.

For some unknown reason, the old Billy Bob ain't been feel'n too good. So let's diagnose the situation like what a good mechanic would do on a car.

1. Does the engine start? Well yeah, but it misses and backfires out the tail pipe for the first couple hours until it warms up. Coughs an' sputters from the intake air system when ya give it some gas. Ain't got no git up an' go. Don't run the same since the hoses were replaced in 2008.

2. Does the suspension system have a smooth ride? Well no it don't. The shocks are all wore slap out. Drive shaft rattles and vibrates. Rubber grommets and ball joints are stiff. Alignment is all kattiwhompis. Tires are down to their last miles.

3. How is the steering? Well, ya see, it's like this. When I try to go straight, it goes off to the right or left, depending on the terrain. Sideswiping objects happen quite often.

4. Does the transmission work? Well, kind of. It's a four speed but only works in 1st gear and reverse. Slips when I take off too fast. The other 3 gears ain't been used in years.

Ok, I'm done with that. I weren't diagnosing "that jeep" in case that what you're think'n. I'm think'n "that jeep" is in better shape than I am when it comes to a diagnosis.

Sit'n here think'n maybe I aughter go fish'n. It ain't like I got better things to do. There's a little fish'n hole between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas I been want'n to put the "bubba boat in the water an' go catch me up some trout fish. There ain't no wind, the temp ain't too bad and there's a possibility the sun might come out.

Ok....I got to go do something. Sit'n on my ass is only caus'n blisters. Laters...



  1. Thanks for the laughs this morning!
    This ol' engine has lots of the same complaints as yours; funny how well you described them.
    Good luck with your fishing.

  2. Go see a doctor or find yourself a girlfriend, hehehehe:D

  3. Are we about ready for a wrecking yard?