Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Doctor an' lab appointment

I went to bed early so's I could get up early this morn'n. Oh wait a minute, I got to watch this last program on TV......it's 1:30am.

This is day 3 of not feel'n too bad. I ain't say'n that I ain't feel'n, it's just that I ain't hurt'n like a sum-a-gun. Now I question "why". When I feel like this I get to think'n, can I live the rest my life like this? "Well hell no ya cain't Billy Bob, you cain't do nuttin".

Back to the state safety inspections an' registrations. Texas has a new rule, what I stated yesterday. YOU CAN NOT re-register your vehicle without a yearly safety inspection. This goes into effect March of 2015. As it is now, you can re-register, drive your vehicle....go anywheres you want without a safety inspection. I'm living proof of that fact. Mine expired bout 4 years ago. Let's just say, I've been very lucky to not have been pulled over.

Now, here's what I'm get'n at......if'n I am travel'n in another state, let's say I'm in Alaska, an' my registration becomes due. Are ya with me? Under the new rules, you got to make a quick trip back to the state of Texas an' get you a safety inspection before you can re-register. I'm sure somewheres in their rule books they will address this problem. It's just that I ain't found the answer yet. I would suggest that all Texas Rv'ers look into this. Let me know what ya find.

Well, today is the day. My first "test'n" appointment. They gonna draw blood.....bout a half gallon. Now I ain't say'n that I cain't stand pain or nuttin like that, but they gonna use one them big ass needles what skeers hell out me. Shoot, I could pass out right then an' there an' they have to revive me....an' start all over again. Man boy howdy I gonna be soooo glad when this day is done.

Second thoughts have been run'n through my mind. I suppose this is a normal reaction when the odds of a great recovery are lower than what you would expect (75/25). Then when ya got a hunnert other things go'n on, those odds decrease. That's what these tests are for, so's the doctor can decide on my chances to live another day. I have some doubts an' fears on that subject. I'm only human ya know.

Ok, I may as well shut this down. My mind is on only one thing an' that is "today". Maybe tomorrow I'll have a great story to tell ya bout the "needle from hell". 


  1. Here's hoping that you get some good news today. I know you'll fill us in when it's over! Good luck!

  2. Ask Rv Sue!. She knows all about that! Like I said before, making an appointment is better than any pill for pain relief!

  3. I can't believe that big ole Billy Bob is scarred of needles!! Now a days, they use little skinny ones that you don't even feel going in. In my last blood test, taking the dang band aid off hurt worse than the needle. Some blood suckers are better at it than others. I guess I found a good one. Good luck on your tests and don't forget to study for them (grin).

  4. When I have blood drawn I NEVER watch when the needle is going in. (Did you ever watch a dog that is getting a shot or something done that can be painful? The dog turns it's head as far as it can so it doesn't have to watch!). I also make myself relax, and especially relax the arm & hand where the blood is being taken from. The more you can relax it the less it hurts - usually.

    I look forward to hearing about your experience. It will be amusing, I know, even if the event wasn't so amusing.

  5. Gonna be getting things done finally.
    Soon you be a new man, right?

  6. If my 91 year young Mama can give a little blood without moaning , groaning and
    bit!@#$, "complaining", surely a young kid like you can.