Tuesday, September 1, 2015

When it rains, it pours

Holy cows.....this stuff sucks.

Let's take the most important problem at Billy Bob's house an' work from there. Last week I had ordered some hobby stuff through Amazon. I received a phone call from my debit/credit card holder from some dude I couldn't understand worth a poop. He was verify'n a couple charges on my card. Then he says..."Contact Edward Jones". Then I received a email for Geico..."your insurance" payment was rejected". Then I call the credit card holder...."you have a zero balance"....."Contact Edward Jones" Well that cain't be, I just installed a whole 5 gallon bucket of dollars in that account.

First thing this morn'n...I contact Edward Jones. Pat is such a nice lady. She bring up my account on the computer...."you got's a whole bucket of dollars in your account". Then she call the card holder. It seems I need a physical address. Me an' Pat take care of that lickity split....even though I don't live there. She call the card holder back, the restriction has been lifted. But...I only have access to a thousand dollars for the next couple days. All is well. *fingers an' toes crossed*

Ok, this "master boat builder" done screw up. I glued a piece of wood in the wrong place an' it had to be removed. I break out my trusty box cutter like hobby knife an' commence to cut between the two pieces. The knife slips. My thumb is in the way. A big ass deep gash in my thumb. Blood all over the place. Well.....maybe it ain't that bad, but it hurted like hell. Doctor Robert bandages it up an' I go back to work.

Go'n back to work, what little I got done, you cain't see unless ya look real close.
I painted the engine room compartment. While that was dry'n, I builded 4 mahogany side boards an' 2 floorboards for in the cockpits. 
Oh oh, I done forget to take pics of the construction of the "modified" engine room hatches. Modified from a single hatch to a double hatch. That's it right behind the foward cockpit...two little white do-hickies. That white deck covering will give ya a idea what I'm do'n. Pretty ain't it? 
 These are the sideboard thngys with 2 coats of polyurethane. I don't like it. Will sand the poly off an' sand out a couple bad places in the mahogany. In other words, start over.
The 2 decks come out lookn sharp. Hmmmm, did Chris Craft have grey floor boards?

 Health issues ain't so bad this morn'n. I've had much worse. Still no doctor appointment. But they did receive my records from other doctors. Dang, this is tak'n way to long.

 Just called Geico. My payment went through....Yeeee Haa!!!

Now it's time to go out to the shed an' work on a model boat.


  1. Only a MASTER boat builder would know a screw up when he seen it a rookie don't know nuttin to begin with.It is going to be a real beauty.

  2. hi BB. thanks for replying and giving some thought about building the real full scale Chris Craft boat .
    if you and JB got together on the full scale Chris Craft it would cost half as much to build and i have a very nice 3208 caterpilar diesel marine motor with only 30,000 mile on the rebuilt with sleeves and a turbo and a 4 speed allison transmission i could let you have for a very good price .would this engine be a good candidate for a boat like that ? or no ? i am just saying . it is nice to see your still kicking and slowing down on you little cigars and you fix your bad credit problems life is good some times !

  3. Amazon wouldn't process my instant order. Then Dave got an email from the credit card company. Someone tried to change our address then ordered a new card with rush delivery after ordering $100+ goods. So that card is kaput. New one with a new number in the mail. Had to change all the automatic payments that happen the first of the month to a different card. Ugh!

    Wish I was building a boat to help me forget all that.

  4. You making great progress with that Chris Craft gonna be an awesome looking boat !

  5. When I was taking aspirin every day I hated to cut myself because I thought I'd bleed to death. Be careful with those sharp instruments!