Monday, February 24, 2014

I fixed something.....but it's still broke

I have not been making a early blog post for quite some time. Today is different.

Most time when I get up in the morn'n, I have that one eye that refuses to look in the same direction as the other. Well, it really does, but it's still half closed an' out of focus. Read'n the blogs an' news usually clears that up an' makes blog writ'n easier. Although, some of the news I read pisses me off an' that shows up in my blog posts.

As I promised one follower yesterday, I have to tell ya bout some good news. I grab holt to my VOM, or something like that....that's a volt meter thingy, an' I go outside to check voltages on that circuit board an' stuff for the battery charging systems. There is got to be bout a hunnert places to check voltages. It ain't nuttin like a car or a pick'em up truck with only one battery, so don't say nuttin yet.

Behind the circuit board in this big black box, are 3 big ol' solenoids. One shuts down all the voltage to the chassis 12 volt systems at the flick of a switch. Another turns off all voltage to the 12 volt "house" systems with another flick of a switch. I check both of them....they ok. The third is called a isolator solenoid. The one on the left.

It parallels the house an' chassis batteries when the circuit board senses a voltage of 13.2 volts. That means a charging voltage an' kicks that sucker in to charge all the batteries. It weren't work'n. It go clickity click, but the contacts is burn slap up.....or something like that.

Zoooom, I jump in the "billy jeep" an' head for the auto parts store in hopes they got one that will work. They got the exact solenoid. I install it an' all my batteries are charg'n......Ye Haw!!! Dash volt gauge still not working. I sit down an' look at that dashboard. Ten screws an' that sucker is lay'n in my lap.
 Screwed that pic up....
A test was done to see if the dash volt gauge would show the correct voltage. Nope, it didn't. But it does show a increase in voltage of bout .2 or .4 volts when the alternator kicks in. With the VOM, I find battery voltage at the gauge with the engine NOT run'n, but only 13.85 volts with it run'n. This tells me the gauge is ok....but it's not receiving the correct voltage to the dashboard (14.60 alternator voltage).

I'm down to the end of my list of possible culprits....the circuit board. With all the test I done, I'm confident I could go down the road a piece an' not worry one bit bout charg'n my batteries. But it sure is nice to look down at the dashboard an' see the correct voltage.

 Dang, I wrote too much.

Usually when I get out of bed in the morn'n, I have me some back pains what clear up in bout a hour or so. It weren't like that this morn'n. I'm talk'n I was all bend over an' in severe pain. I cain't take me no aspirin (blood thinner) cause of the dental work today, so I'm sit'n here with tears in my eyes.....or is that some dust what blew in? Ya see, when I went to bed, I had a little pain. I change the pressure set'n on my bed. Boy howdy, won't be do'n that no more. I suppose my back issues will be the next thing to look into. Maybe some exercise on the "billy bike", walk a couple three miles a day....HAHAHAHA....right, some professional rehab therapy, needles an' shots....I'm think'n not, an' lastly surgery. I got to get better than I am now.

A stern talk with nephew Joseph an' BIL Abraham has cleared some things up. Yesterday I was not ignored an' had me a great supper from the house. I feel a little better bout that.    

Tomorrow I will be mak'n a trip to Port Aransas. Pick up my mail an' pray to God that my license plates are in it. And my Visa debit/credit card.

Only thing left to do to the "billy jeep" is that little plug thingy, replace the park'n brake shoes an' get a State inspection. I rekon I could change over the insurance from the "that jeep" to the "billy jeep" too.

So I'm do'n pretty good....or I rekon I am. Not much left to do. Then I got to sit down, sip up a cup an' decide my next camp'n spot. Haven't been think'n too much bout that with all the other issues I have had. We'll see.


  1. You been getting stuff done and thats good. Soon a new campin spot and you be having fun!

  2. That all looks like Greek to me. Be careful the goat doesn't eat anything that can't be replaced. lol
    When the weather gets warmer you might feel better .Not having any sunshine is depressing.
    I am suppose to have a bone marrow test and boy that scares the crap out of me.
    Glad you had a good meal. I can't cook for crap. Have a happy day.

    1. Ha....speak'n of that goat. That sucker got in my tool campartment on "da house" an' scatter stuff all over the place. Ate a half roll of electrical tape.....stupit goat.
      We been having nice warm weather for a few weeks now. Using the a/c during the day....lots of sunshine. But I don't feel no better.....Oh wait, yes I do.

    2. bargirl, is this the same as a bone density test? If so, it ain't nothin' to worry about. Easy Peasy. I'm due one of these come March.

      Billy Bob, maybe the sticky on the tape will deter his eating stuff for awhile. I heard once they eat tin cans...but I don't believe that. Do you? If it is so, I say goats are made of tough stuff!
      Hope the dentist ordeal wasn't too bad...but ye gods, those NEEDLES.

    3. Not yet Sissy. Appointment ain't for another hour. Me too ye gods, those needles.

      I think people say'n goats eat tin cans is crap. This goat cleans anything I feed him in an' don't eat it. Not even paper plates. Buy he does eat electrical tape.

  3. Make some more of that soup,Billy Bob.Life is better with a good,nutritious soup.Good for what ails you...Name is Vada from Dublin,Tx,

    1. Vada, I love my soups.
      Welcome to Billy Bob's Place. Ha....another Texan....yee haw!!!

  4. Good job on the solenoid find and replace.
    Second time I try to comment, my Mac safari browser got compromised, or so apple says, so I booted in windows and the comment went or didn't go somewhere or elsewhere so another try here.On the gauge, could the solar be influencing the alternator output at the circuit board and limiting the voltage to the batteries? If it is a diode might be required to eliminate that.

  5. Glad to hear your getting that Ele problem taken cared of. Now I have to tell you BB after hearing about you and OFB playing golf and pissing and moaning and having soo much fun playing it. While I was down in the Sun Shine State I bought me a set of clubs and a wheeley type of bag thingies and will try my first swing as soon as all the snow melts and two of my boys comes and get me and show me how it's done (they both play) So thank you Mr Billy Bob.... Oh I got 6 woods, 9 Irons a sand something and a putter..

  6. I don't fix many things but I do break a lot of things. . .

  7. Back in the good ole days. the fifties and sixties, we all mounted gauges to the dash board that showed voltage, water temp, oil pressure and so forth. Why can't you mount one of them somewhere on the dash with wires running straight from the alternator. That seems to me that it would then give you something to look at that would be accurate.

  8. That's why I wasn't any good at RV fulltiming. I never could figure out the battery stuff, and I was forever dealing with a dead battery.

    Good luck with your dental work - I have my root canal tomorrow. I'll be glad to get started on it.