Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cartoon Saturday

Ok......now what???
It's sanding day!!!

Got called into work this morning, so I gonna load up all my power tools and head off to the "Deming Boatworks and Marina". Hee Hee....love to make up stuff like that.

It was cold this morning. Like 29 degs. Can ya believe that??? Supposed to get up in the mid to upper 70's today....and then....and then....we look'n at 80 for a couple days. But since this is Deming, the wind gonna blow. Sheesh...can't wait to get to Terlingua. Does the wind blow in Terlingua???
"Well Billy Bob, I think the wind blow everywhere".

2:30pm.....got that sucker all sanded and filled some of the imperfections.....don't believe me do ya???
Then just out of curiosity and get'n all excited, I layed the deck on top the hull just to see what it look like.
Boy Howdy, I likes it.

Look pretty good to me.
Now let me tell ya bout all the saw dust, wood chips, sanding dust, empty beer cans, spilled coffee and dog hair. It's everywhere. If'n I ever build another Mississippi River sternwheeler, it's gonna be outside. Now it gonna take me a week to clean all this stuff up. Sheesh...I need a woman!!!!

Ok, one more photo.


  1. Looking good sir, shame that that one dark colored strip of wood won't work right at the center line. But looking good anyway.

  2. AHH...Ben, that dark strip of wood is glued and trued. It gonna be painted ya know.
    You should see it now. All the rough sanding is done and putting filler in the imperfections.....yeah there are some.

  3. Sure you need a woman! After all you gonna need someone with the authority to tell you in no uncertain terms to get off your butt and clean up that mess.

  4. Well BB, about the only places you gone float that around here it the swimming hole or maybe the Reo Grand, but the people around here keep sucking the swimming hole down so that's iffie. The Reo Grand is see saw so... Maybe OGT can get down here and set you up a pond?