Thursday, April 1, 2010

Black Cloud

Boy howdy, let me tell ya bout weather and that "black cloud". Here it is almost the middle of summer and the next 2 days gonna be cold. Well, maybe not cold, but it get'n close. And wind??? Let me tell ya bout the wind.......30 mph for the next 2 days. In fact, it blown'n up a storm right now...bout 25 mph.

Speak'n of black cloud....did I ever tell ya bout the time. It were my grandpa what caused it all. Ya see, back in the 19teens, grandpa had'a go to jail. From a few stories I hear, he kill an Indian what was steal'n stuff from the ranch in New Mexico. Supposedly, he spent 6 months in the Deming jail for shoot'n an Indian named "Black Cloud". Whether this story is true or not, I tend to I believe it 'cause "the ghost of Black Cloud" haunts me where ever I go.

Now what the hell?? Have ya ever go to the store and buy some super glue in one them big containers what look like a lot of glue? Well let me tell ya right now, looks can be deceiving. By the size of the container, it should hold enough glue to glue stuff for a month. But, after read'n the fine print, it only contains 1/4 ounce and that ain't much glue. In fact, I don''t think that enough to glue a cats a$$ to the floor. Consumer rip off, that what it is. Now I gotta go back to town....sheesh!!! Oh well, I needed to go to town anyhows.

Boy howdy, let me tell ya, that was exciting. "that jeep" were all over the road, sand was a blow'n, ya couldn't see, cars was pull off the road.....yep..."what a ride". Anyhows, went by the doctor office to get new prescriptions so's I don't die overnight. They gonna call them in if'n the doctor do his thang. Made an appointment while I was there. Then I went down to the tire sell'n place for some brand spank'n new tires. Had'a order them. Maybe monday "that jeep" will have some new sandals. Then I went to the hardware store. MY GOD, what happen in here??? They done move everything. Got some items for the riverboat...you know....sanding disks, power tool attachments, nuts and bolts and a tube of super glue. Did ya know that "monkey" Gorilla glue makes super glue??? Remember yesterday I were bitch'n bout how much they put in a big container (1/4 ounce) and charge ya for a gallon. Well monkey glue has 1/2 ounce for the same price...and it gel, just what I were look'n for.

And then...and then....look out...here it come....I piss off a cop. Ya see, I live 5 mile out of town on that highway they blocked off 1 block from "Sally da house". Well I drive up past all them other cars wait'n in line and here come "sheriff Barney Fife" wav'n his arms. I says "I'm just going over there to that rv park". He says "you gonna wait in line just like everyone else". He didn't know who he talk'n to...so's I just drove off...to that little rv park over there. He were hot!!! One of these days....I gonna go to jail.


  1. you didnt say if the cop pulled you over after you took off.

    When are you going to Terlingua next?

  2. You do understand that cops memories are about twice as good as an elephants, course a lot of cops ar about the size of elephants also.