Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And life goes on

Stayed up a bit late last night in an attempt to finish all the bulkheads and get it ready to start planking. Look'n good Billy Bob. You deserve a fresh cup of coffee and a sit on "da porch". Maybe eat some them pecans.

Woke up this morning to another beautiful day. Gonna get up to something like 80 degs. Ummmmm, boy howdy, can hardly wait. But you watch, something gonna happen. That old black cloud will show up when least expected.

I was expecting the hummers to show up by now, but ain't see one yet. We got some pyrrhuloxia (pronounced, pier-ru-lux-e-ah). For those that don't know, pyrrhuloxia is a cardinal with less red. Google it. Of course the curved bill thrashers are abundant, but it piss me off when people call the cactus wrens. There's a difference ya know,  even though they look similar. Same with the Mexican Ravens that people call a crow. Sheesh!!!

Speak'n of birds....yesterday as I proceeded  to make a left turn with a green light, this lady just kept right on through a red light aimed right at me. Of course she was on "da phone", not paying any mind that she might kill some old retired fart making a left turn with a green light, so I "tooted" her...one long blast. Ha, she give me one them looks and then, and then, I can't believe it, she give me the bird as she proceeded on through her red light, gums a flap'n.

Ok....porch time. Be sure to check back laters.

Well shoot, is it later yet?  Seem like every time I say later, the cops or something show up. Yep, trailer trash again. Something bout their kid not being in school or something like that. They didn't go round to all the tenants and tell us what go'n on.....darn it.
 Planking begins

This the way ya do it
Lifting all those heavy planks today made my back mighty sore 
I have a total of three rows of planking installed. That means I only have ten more rows to go. Then I can plank the flat bottom. What, about a month??? Nah, oughta be done in a few days. Then come the hard part, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding, automotive sandable primer, sanding, more primer, steel wool and finally the first coat of paint. Damn, that made me tired typ'n all that stuff.


  1. Put an air horn on that jeep!! Maybe next time the stoopid cell phone talking B will pay attention!!

    Did you have a keel laying ceremony/

  2. Ok. So I haven't had internet access for a few days, and I come back and you're finishing "the bulkheads" and "planking" and all. I was like, "What the heck? Did BB trade in the RV?"

    I don't know much about birds, but I do know that driving while phoning is dangerous. DWP needs to be added to the DUI and DWI charges. Glad you're safe!