Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Changed your what???

"What we have here is a failure to communicase". Let me splane what I'm talk'n bout. You know that I'm retired and get'n on the old side...if''n ya know what I mean. But it's like this, being retired and get'n old gives me privileges, others ain't entitled to, to make alterations to my decisions in any way I find acceptable for my lifestyle. In other words....change my mind. And that's exactly what I gonna do. Or....I think that what I gonna do.

So...here's the deal. Ya remember that riverboat I were gonna build??? After look'n for a place to put it, I decided it won't fit. So here's the solution. Find a smaller one....what I did.
 What ya think??? It's only 29 inches long where the other one was 44 inches long. Can't have everything I rekon.

Boy howdy let me tell ya....it were freez'n cold this morning. The bird and rabbit water done froze over. I were cold with my little 1500 watt electric heater go'n full blast. With that thing crank'n for bout 20 hour a day old Billy Bob gonna be in the poor house before it gets warm. "Should'a stay in Yuma Billy Bob".

Look like it gonna be a nice day...if'n the wind don't blow like it did yesterday. It was terrible I tell ya....35mph with gusts up to 50. Stuff blowed everywhere. But...this is Deming where a breeze is 25mph.

Boy howdy...lookie here what old Billy Bob found.
 What ya think.....huh, huh???


  1. Fool looking kit, wonder if you can fabricate an ice breaker to the bow for those cold NM mornings, ONCE you find any water to float it in that is. :-)

  2. What do I think? I think you're in your third childhood! Good to see that though because when I get out of my second I'll have something else to look forward to.

  3. I'd buy that for a dollar!

  4. I know you love Wally World ( aka Walmart) but I hope you are not in so big of a hurry that you cut in line to pay for your wallyjunk. check this article out about some woman who could get 15 years in jail for cutting in line at wallmart.