Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Building Permit

Well, here it is another day already and don't have the slightest what I gonna do. Weren't no ice sickle this morning so I rekon it gonna be a good day for sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n. And boy howdy, do old Billy Bob got some stuff to think bout.

Since I need to go back to "that store" (Walmart), I guess a list is in order. You know how it is when ya can't remember stuff, ya gotta write it down....otherwise, ya gonna be mak'n another trip.

Today sure would be a great day for golf ball swak'n. But today is "ladies day". Now let me tell ya bout ladies day. This is the day of the week when ladies turn into your worstest nightmare. These Deming ladies are serious when it comes to swak'n balls on "ladies day". They change in the twinkle of an eye. I mean, ya don't mess with an old lady with a big ole club in her hand.  Know what I mean Vern??? I ain't say'n that men can't swak golf balls on ladies day, they just have to stay clear, out of sight and shut up. They ain't gonna let ya play through and they "talk" for hours.

Just got back from Walmart with a whole bag full of glue and stuff. Ya know what??? Walmart sucks. Them damn prescription people got their head fogged up with some kind of smoke.....or something like that. Now I gots to go back to my doctor, what gonna raise hell with me for all the weight I lost and I'm sure he gonna say something bout me smok'n. That's why I don't keep my appointments..."Oh Billy Bob, them smokes gonna kill ya". Well Duh, bout when I'm 85 or so, yeah, I might swaller a cigar and choke to death.
Now what the hell was I talk'n bout???? Oh yeah...get brand spank'n new prescriptions.

8:00pm....don't be say'n old Billy Bob don't know what he do'n. After 2 hour sand'n off the "char" where the lasor cutter burn out all them pieces, I start put'n stuff together. Thank God for Mr. Leonard Lasor.
Now that what I'm talk'n bout.


  1. So, are we to understand that the fancy new paddle wheel model boat is NOT built to be an actual working model? And you going to convert it? To a remote controlled ..... submarine? :-)

  2. Sheesh Ben, don't ya know what a freak'n submarine look like. Ya need to take a closer look to see this is not a submarine.
    No, the kit is not designed to even put in water....ya just look at it. But old Billy Bob gonna do some cut'n and saw'n, break out the table saw and make this thing remote control.
    Run it up the Mississippi river if I take a hanker'n.

  3. You can do it BB, I'd done stuff like that before. Took a glider and put a few rocket engines on it. It did swell. After the wings fell off it became a BIG bottle rocket. I like fast stuff though. I like submarines to though. ;)

  4. Especially ones that look like river boats. Har Har Har capin!

  5. David, I have a 57 inch wingspan airplane in my bedroom what I ain't flew yet. It's exactly like the one I built like 30 years ago....what I flew many many times. And yes it flew just fine into the ground....more than once. Submarine????? Hmmmmm, have to give that some thought.