Saturday, March 20, 2010


What the hell you talk'n bout Spring??? After that blow we had yestyerday, I were think'n it was hurricane season already. Then when I got up this morning, I were think'n it was winter season. I don't git it...I just don't git it. Interstates closed down in north New Mexico due to "snow". And I hear tell, there's another front right behind this one.

Watched the weather channel last night and that weather guy said that the wind gusts in Deming was 54 mph. For Deming, that's just a breeze. Have ya ever been to Deming when the wind didn't blow???I have no confidence in what they say. I know it were 80 plus mph.

Big chore for the day was to clean my coffee maker. Broke out a quart of vinigar and let 'er rip. Well shoot, vini-grrrrrr don't work. Where can I buy some sulfuric acid??? Bet ya a buck that would clean it.

Ya know what??? A very important person is missing from the blog scene. Have ya seen her????


  1. Stupid arthritic fingers, make that GrannyJ.

  2. I'd say Belinda to. Haven't seen her on my blog lately either.

    It was plenty windy here to and mighty cold last night. Had to slid out of the bunk in 34 degree weather in the dungeon. Fortunately none of that white crap though!

  3. Hey BB, guess who I ran into down at the slabs? Thats right the toe headed rock throwing nightmare.

    I was shoppin at the niland store for a few things, when up come this kids holding his arms down. And he says to James , I got a bone to pick with you James!! lol, I stand there as he comes over and I thought this little 4'5 boy was gonna woop old 6'2" james and me. But no, He gave james a hug instead.

    I was minding my own biz , when allof a sudden I asked the boy" Hey I hear your picken on one of my friends. He says oh yeah? I said yeah old billy bob from across the street. Well , this sweet boys face changed from an angel to a different kind of fallen angel. and he says , where is that TWERP? HE IS A FRIEND OF YOURS? I says yeah, and he says well you tell him Im a huntin him down. Well , me finding this all too amusing I says well you know he left the slabs ? he says I know he moved but didnt know where . I says Demming, he says Where is that , Im comin to get him. after tellin him that you are 2 states over and you moved there because you were afraid of him , well the boy settled down and I bought him a chocolate bar and drink.

    Wow this mindin your own bizness stuff is tiring. by the way the stories true , you can ask james.

  4. Lol, Billy Bob you are like Ben he has no confidence on the weather people or "ding bats" as he calls them :-)

    I like snow, kind of dissapointed that we didn't get any this year, but then again I don't have to go out in it like regular folks.