Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What a beautiful day...

Oh crap, what to do now. Today has been one them days where all ya wanna do is sleep and get it over with.
The wind was howl'n like a bunch of starving dogs and the sky was filled with a heavy blanket of clouds....and it was cold. Not so cold that you would bundle up in long johns and a big winter coat, but cold enough for old Billy Bob to stay inside and be bored. How bout 60 degs, 20 mph winds and not even a touch of warming sunshine??? That's what I'm talk'n bout!!!!

The second thing that happen today is that my Mississippi River Sternwheeler weren't in the mailbox. Now how can that be...HUH???? The guy I ordered it from "promised" me it would be here no later than last Saturday. After numerous unanswered phone calls and emails, I'm get'n a bit concerned here. You don't rekon do ya??? Boy howdy, I'll never order anything from them again.

Sadie took another dump in my neighbors yard again this morning. Well, actually it ain't his yard, it's mine. Ya see, when I installed the fence round my lot, I didn't install it on the property line. I left enough space to drive a golf cart through with out going into the other lot. And since I don't mind dog poop in my yard, why would my neighbor mind??? Freak'n trouble makers make me sick.

The last thing I have to sat for today is.....bla, bla, bla.


  1. Hey, BB. You sent that wind, didn't ya? It's blowing a gale out there. Just shoot the troublemakers / neighbors and get it over with. :-) Stay warm, man!

  2. Ah Ginger, they won't even let me shoot at old rusty cans out there in the field.
    If I had my way about it, I would send all this wind up to Washington DC....so much blow'n wind there they would never notice it.

  3. BB, looks like the worst of that wind may be over here now, but there's still plenty to keep the genny revved up. I'm with you on sending the wind to DC! I wouldn't even mind it it blew my Poop Composting Out Building up there to. It should go good with the rest of the BS up there.

  4. Still wondering why u left the slabs so early for all that trouble your gettin in Demming. Maybe that little boy did scare you outta there? LOL

  5. Billy Bob not everyone is a dog lover. While I like dogs I certainly do not like dog poop in my yard.

    Hurricane Ike blew down part of my fence and since I did not have insurance I had to fix the most damaged structure which in my case was the fireplace the front tree took out and that left a hole in my roof.

    Anyhow the neighbor's dog for some reason loves my yard and he poops all over the place and makes holes, but do you think my worthless neighbors tell him anything?

  6. OGT...I ask myself the same question every day ...."WHY"???

    Oh no David, there's more to come...ya just watch and see.

    MsB, I weren't say'n I like dog poopies in my yard, I said I don't mind them. But I suppose I have to explain my theory. Ya see, it's like this....in the desert where we have no humidity to keep the poop soft for days on end, the desert air dries out "dog poopies" with in just a couple hours. Ya go out, pick it up and toss it in the cactus garden for fertilizer. That why I have such beautiful cactus.