Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Busy Day

Boy howdy, let me tell ya. Old Billy Bob been bust'n butt today. Got so busy he done forgot to eat. I rekon that first pot of "mud" coffee I made this morning had something to do with it. Think I put two scoops instead of one. But you talk bout an eye opener. I mean to tell ya, that other eye come open real quick like. I like my coffee strong, but Holy Cows that stuff make your hair stand up all way down to your toes.

Got all enthused this morning and done up all the dishes and took out the trash. Old  pesky neighbor Wayne come over ask'n if'n I was feel'n alright. Then I headed off to Walmart for a loaf of bread. LOLOLOL...hahahaha...$132 for a loaf of bread??? Gonna be some fine eat'n at Billy Bob's house for the next couple weeks. Had'a take 20 of them rainbow trout over to Wayne's freezer so I would have room for all the other stuff I just bought. "Walmart loves ya Billy Bob". Speak'n of Walmart, does anyone know where they moved the shoe department? Look all over and couldn't find it. But I suppose I could'a ask.  Lolololol...hahahaha...a man ask? Ya got to be kid'n???  Ain't no way a man gonna ask directions.

After all groceries were put in their proper places, I went outside to sit on the porch, sip a cup and do some think'n. Got to think'n maybe I could pick up some this junk on the floor.....what I did. Then I started mov'n stuff around, throwed stuff in the trash, hosed down "da porch", pick up some stuff lay'n in the yard and called it quits for the day. And a good day it was.

Get'n all ex-citis bout that boat I gonna build. This gonna be my first wooden ship model I ever build in my life. I built some them plastic ship models...ie "Cutty Sark" two times...ten years apart. Look just like this one...sails and all.

While I was off to town today, I stopped by the Hughes Net satellite gut who was gonna bring me a brand spank'n new dish to replace the bent one he brought me the other day. He done forget. But, I put my old one back up and it's work'n pretty good...considering. Still not right, but working.


  1. you didnt happen to use the walmart intercom while u were there did u?