Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hold on a cotton pick'n minute

Thought I may as well make an update before the sun goes down. Ain't go nuttin to say other than I'm almost packed up and the dishes are done.

Kilt four more fish today. Switched over to single smashed down barb hooks and the damn things still can't swim. Been try'n to hook'em in the lip, but they just swaller the whole thing. Grrrrrrr...tired of clean'n fish.

Should pack out of here bout 10am tomorrow....so I gonna be offline for a couple days. This may be my last post till Sat night or Sun morning.

Now it's dark!!!! By the way....I caught me up two more real nice 5# rainbow trout. Well, maybe not quite 5 pounds, but they felt like it. Now all I gotta do is clean them and put them in the freezer. Sheesh....where????

Everything is put away cept'n for my fish'n stuff and the satellite system. Hook up "that jeep" and be out of here in nuttin flat. Had trouble bringing in the 'slide out', but finally got it in....was worried. Sure would hate to go down the Interstate with my slide stick'n out. Holy cows!!! 

Speak'n of a slide out being out....I left Van Horn Texas bout 4 year ago. I drove through the check in place and the owner of the park was wav'n me a farewell....I mean wav'n...both arms. Well 30 mile down the Interstate I noticed something stick'n out on the passenger side. It were my bedroom slide out. Ya rekon that why that guy was a wav'n his arms???

That's all folks..... 


  1. Safe travels you ole coot, see ya when we do. Don't forget to pack up Sadie and Lug nut ( like you could forget them)

    Tell Wayne HI for me..

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZs8k4pJcyk&feature=related

    good video to look at

  3. What I want to know is where is this fishing spot where you are catching all of these fish?

    What are you using for bait?

  4. Hey Anonymous, he has been in Yuma Arizona on BLM park. Small lake/pond. You might can did back trough his post and find out exactly which one.