Monday, March 29, 2010

Good day at "da house"

Hot damn it gonna be a good day at old Billy Bob's house. First thing I see this morning was dark, and then, and then, here come the sun shin'n in my eyes. Beautiful sunshine warm up an old cold body.

Ya do know it's still cold in Deming...right? Again this morning, it was below 30 degs. Although, this morning my ice sickle was a foot shorter than yesterday morning. That's a good sign that things are warming up. Speak'n of warm'n up, the rest of the week is gonna be in the upper 70's...right on the edge of 80. Boy howdy, can hardly wait. BUT.....ya ain't never gonna guess what the wind gonna do. Did I hear someone say "blow like hell"? Yep, you right....25 plus for the next 4 days....start'n Wednesday. God, I hate this place.

WOOOO HOOOO or what ever, my Mississippi Sternwheeler boat is at the post office. Now....you all know that I ordered it from some "flake" outfit just to save $100, but it has cost me $400 in mental anguish. Never do that again. Anyone know anything bout building a wooden ship??? I may need some help here.

Now that i have a reason to go downtown, I'll make up my Walmart list.....got to love Walmart. In the mean time I got to get ready...."Lug Nut, where my other shoe"?

Wow, what a ride. That jeep run'n like scared roadrunner.
Went to the post office and pick up my boat kit, drop by the Hughes Net guy bout another antenna dish, then go to my favorite store. Yep, you guessed it, Walmart. Drop off my empty drug bottles in the pharmacy and they say....."WAIT Mr Billy Bob. Your meds are over there in Yuma" That figgers. Every time I get them refilled, my prescriptions are transfered to where ever I'm at from where I ain't. And then they have to be transfered from where I ain't no more to where I'm at NOW. Just a phone call away.

Antenna guy come by with a brand spank'n new used dish. I look it over real good and I thinks it will work. At least it ain't all bent up like mine. Will know tomorrow morning after I change it out. GD thing better work. At $60 a month, I could have had a V-8.
Speak'n of V-8, I attempted to make me a home brew of that good tast'n healthy drink. LOLOLOLOL.....HAHAHAHAHA...ya don't even wanna hear bout it. Don't know why I brung it up in the first place. Probably just to be run'n off and say'n nuttin.

Gonna be eat'n supper on "da porch" since it still 76 degs @6:20 pm DST. Boy howdy!!! Can hardly wait.


  1. Hey

    BB, just make sure you read ALL the instructions before you start puttin anything together maybe even three or two times. Any body with half of their mental stuff left can put one together, I outa know because that about what I got and I put one a little smaller together. Damn thing didn't float worth a damn though. After duck dog retrieved it a couple times it didn't look to good.

  2. Thanks a lot Bob...for destroy'n my theory of build'n stuff. Instructions??? Read three times??? Come on, you ain't serious??

  3. BB I used to build all sorts of RC planes, but never a boat or ship, Scratch built a few planes to and believe it or not they all flew. Some even in to the ground later on.

    Just make sure you keep that damn wind up there. I'd as soon it was just high enough to make good power through my wind genny. (Nothing over 80 MPH!)

  4. DST is that Billy Bob Standard Time?