Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome to America

Holy Crap, did you see what Obama say? "This is what change looks like". Think about that for a minute.

The passing of this bill has nothing to do with medical costs, health care for 30 million uninsured, and on and on and on. It was nothing more than a "game" of who has the POWER, who can manipulate, bribe and  threaten, bend and fabricate rules....and on and on and on.
If you watched this debate on TV, you missed 90% of what was actually happening. Reading the news is where it's at. The comments section is where it's at. The dirty deals, corruption and underhanded passing of this bill has turned neighbor against neighbor from day one. It has brought the "sleezies" out of the closet. Name calling, threats...and on and on and on.
Yes "this is what change looks like" for the American 'We the People'.

Boy howdy, that old Billy Bob is all upset. Not with the passing of this controversial health bill, but with the manner in which it was accomplished. I don't want to sound one sided on this issue, but I am. Just like everyone else is one sided. There is no two sided to any issue. Grrrrrrrr!!!!

Yesterday old Billy Bob weren't feel'n too good. Not because of the above, but I COULD use that as an excuse....makes me plumb sick...but I think I have too much piled on my next 4 months plans. What plans ya say???

Here's the deal. My son what has been over in Afghanistan is coming home to Georgia the end of May. The annual family North Georgia Labor Day Camping Trip....that where old Billy Bob catches all them rainbow trout...is just a short 8 weeks away...or something like that. In order for me to be there in time for the camping trip, that means I have to leave here a month early and I have a gazillion things to do and decisions to be made. 

One decision and probably the most important is what to do with this damn "that jeep". Should I spend another $1500 on it or just park the damn thing and put my little red Bronco II back on the road? To do that, I will have to register it in New Mexico and insure it in New Mexico. But that causes another problem. I want to leave New Mexico and find a homebase in Texas. And that causes another problem. Where in Texas????

I will be limited to the amount of time I can spend at each stop on the way to Ga. The first stop being Terlingua, Texas. That where I gonna shoot my guns, but ya can only shoot so many time in a week and still have time to visit. Then it's off to Port Aransas for a week on "da beach", pay some bills and visit old girlfriends. Oh, and don't forget to get an inspection sticker on "Sally da house". And a driver license. Then it's off to Houston Texas to visit daughter and family...swak some golf balls and fight the skeeters for a week. Never see so many skeeters as at the Steven F. Austin State Park. They eat ya up like pork chops. Then off to Shreveport...maybe play the slots and swak a golf ball. Get on I-20 and head 'em up to Ga. Can I do all that and still get there in time??? Hell, I don't know.

LOLOLOL....been holler'n out the door..."LUG NUT...INSIDE", but no Lug Nut. Must be at the Mexican Bar down the street. Then I look on the bed...there lay Lug Nut say'n "you talk'n to me"??? Crazy dog!!! Just like a cat.

Ok...got things to do....may come back...or not.

Since I'm on here making a correction I may as well tell ya what I been doing. Fixed that piece of trim on the bedroom slide out what was about to fall off. Backed the little red Bronco II up to the porch and started cleaning it out. Put a brand spank'n new "slime" tube in that bicycle with the flat tire. Ate 3 boiled eggs and now I'm get'n sleepy.


  1. BB isn't Labor Day in Sept?

  2. BB isn't Labor day in sept?

  3. Now how the hell would I know when Labor day is....I don't do labor.
    But, I'll check into it and make necessary changes.

  4. The first thing I thought of when I heard the medical legislation passed was YOU!!! I knew you would be pissed off and ranting and raving :-)

    I did not know you had a son in Afghanistan. Please thank him for me. I am very appreciative of him and all of our young men and women who are fighting to keep our freedom and ideals alive.

    Seems like you have a lot on your plate but I don't see any reason why you can't get it all done if you budget your time accordingly.

    Was looking at some TR property online and saw one that already had a porch built, all you had to do was pull into it.

    Have you thought of maybe listing your "jeep" in the Terlingua area seems there would be more of an interest there so people could get to their properties at least those that live off off the beaten path.

  5. Billy Bob when your getting it off print also the source is important.If its coming from the "NEWS Corporation"cross your fingers.This is Tabloid Journalism at its best an its spilled over to TV (FOX)For some reason I'm thinking McCarthyism

  6. LOL MsB....I weren't rant'na nd rav'n just because this bill passed....it was that way it was passed. But I am glad you though of me when it passed.

    Now, about selling the jeep in Terlingua....there is a chance I may live there at some future time and would hate to have to face the consequences of whom ever bought it.

    I'm sorry I didn't make it clear about my son in Afghanistan. He is working there, not serving there. And the smuck is mak'n more $$$$ in a month than most make in a year. Well, maybe not THAT much.

    My time is very important to me and must be carefully budgeted not only to manual labor, but to golf ball swak'n and time for "do'n nuttin".

    It's so good to see ya back.

  7. Hi Ted, thanks for stop'n by and mak'n a comment. Now what the hell did you just say???

    The online news agencies are my news source, comparing one to another. But the comments I read not only amuse me but also scare me. There are some "crazy" people out there....at least 90% of them.

  8. Im not happy with the health care bill. I dont wanna say something Ill regret so Im keeping quiet.